Small Business Security

Securing small business in Texas since 1978. Switch your monitoring and save!

The one-time cost of $89 for our wireless transmitter, 24.95/month, No Contract.

3 Flexible Security Plans

Zero Contracts!
Plan 1 $24.95 per month

Wireless Monitoring

  • $89 one-time cost
  • Use your existing system
  • 24/7 private monitoring
  • LTE/5G ready cellular + Wi-Fi Connection
  • Professional Installation
  • Same Rate Since ‘78
Compatible systems we can takeover
DSC 1616
HONEYWELL 15p / 20p
Need a new basic system installed? Give us a call, or try our build & price. Build & price
Does your system look different? Text us a photo and we’ll check compatibility 972-428-3998
Plan 2 $29.95 per month

Wireless Monitoring + Arm/Disarm App

  • Upgraded Cellular + Wi-Fi Transmitter
  • Arm/Disarm App Control w/ Notifications
  • $89 one-time cost
  • Use your existing system
  • 24/7 private monitoring
  • LTE/5G ready cellular + Wi-Fi Connection
  • Professional Installation
Control your existing SYSTEM from your phone!
Compatible systems we can takeover
DSC 1616
HONEYWELL 15p / 20p
Need a new basic system installed? Give us a call, or try our build & price. Build & price
Does your system look different? Text us a photo and we’ll check compatibility 972-428-3998
Plan 3 $39.95 per month

Smart Home Security & Automation

  • 7” Touchscreen Keypad Hub
  • Built-in Camera & Glassbreak
  • 1 Encrypted Power G Motion or Glass Break Sensor
  • 3 Encrypted Power G Door Sensors or Sensor Takeover Module
  • Expandable w/cameras, thermostats, lights, locks all from 1 app.
  • Professional Installation
  • 24/7 private monitoring
  • LTE/5G ready cellular + Wifi Connection
You’ll spend a little more initially with us, but a lot less overall because of our low monitoring rate. Also, there’s no contract!

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Plan 1Plan 2Plan 3
$24.95 PER MONTH
Min. Start-up Cost
This is the most common equipment startup cost. No high pressure sales people here.
No Contract
If you don’t like us, fire us! We are confident we can keep you with great service though.
Wireless. No Phone Line Needed
Even if your phone line is cut, and power goes out, you are still covered 24/7 by cellular connection.
24hr Monitoring
Continuous coverage by our privately-owned UL Certified central station.
Insurance Discount
Because our central station is UL Certified, you will qualify for the maximum insurance discount.
Arm/Disarm App Control
Arm your system right from your smartphone using our app. Includes Stay and Away arming feature.
System History in App
View exactly when your system was armed, disarmed, or when it was triggered.
Push, Text & Email Notifications
Get notified when a specific door or zone is opened and closed, or when it’s armed, disarmed, triggered.
Dual Path- with Wi-Fi Connection
Wi-Fi connected systems are much faster. Also provides an extra layer of protection if cell signal drops in your area.
Works with Indoor / Outdoor Cameras
Our cameras work in unison with the alarm system. If the alarm is triggered, cameras automatically record.
Works with Video Doorbell
View live feed and answer door from your touchscreen keypad, or phone. Keep tabs on deliveries.
Works with Z Wave Devices
The built-in Z Wave hub connects lights, locks, thermostats, garage, into 1 app for a fully connected experience.
Control Home from 1 App
A true smart home is controlled from a single app. Where all devices talk to each other, and work together.
128 Bit Encryption
Our smart sensors use bank-grade encryption. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum, and 128 Bit AES Encryption.
Smash & Crash Protection
Our smart panel will still send emergency signals even if completely destroyed by an intruder.
Works with Alexa & Google Home
You can add as a skill to make it even easier to control your smart home, hands free.
Power Outage & Restoral Notifications
Receive alerts if your home loses power, and when it’s turned back on.
Arming Reminders
Forget to arm the system, close the garage, or lock door? No problem, our system can remind you.
Unexpected Activity Alerts
Our system learns your patterns. For example: if someone opens a door at an odd time of the day, it’ll let you know.
Automated Schedules
Setup a schedule for your lights and thermostats so you don’t have to remember.
Automatic WiFi Updates
Our smart panel stays current. New features and functionality get pushed directly to your devices.
Power G Compatible
Power G sensors are the best, and that’s what we use. 1-mile range, bank level 128-bit AES encryption.
Plan 1 and 2 upgrade options
Standard Smartphone Control w/Dual Path Wifi

Standard Smartphone Control w/Dual Path Wifi

Arm & Disarm your system from anywhere in the world, including Stay & Away…

$5.00/month Learn More
Motion Detector

Motion Detector

Triggers your alarm system when it senses motion. Must be mounted 6-7 feet from…

DSC LCD Keypad

LCD Keypad

Slim-line landscape keypad with LCD screen and digital clock. Features include Stay or Away…

Backup Battery

Backup Battery

Allow the alarm system to function in the event of a power outage. 4″…

Plan 3 upgrade options
HD Video Doorbell

HD Video Doorbell

Overview Introducing the latest addition to’s family of video doorbells — the ADC-VDB750….

$249 Learn More
HD Outdoor Camera

HD Outdoor Camera

WiFi Connected. 1080P & Waterproof Secure Encrypted Cloud Storage Excellent Low Light Perform…

$249 Learn More
Z Wave Smart Thermostat

Z Wave Smart Thermostat

The Honeywell T6 Z Wave Thermostat provides users complete control over their home’s…

$199 Learn More
HD Indoor Camera

HD Indoor Camera

Wifi Connected Pristine video up to 1080P2-Way AudioSecure Encrypted Cloud StorageStream live video or motion…

$249 Learn More

“Free” alarm systems are the industry’s dirtiest trick.

Companies that give “FREE” systems are simply hiding the equipment cost in a high monthly rate of $50-$90/mo under contract. They’ll claim it’s a way to finance the equipment for you to reduce your upfront cost. First of all, that proves it wasn’t really “FREE” in the first place, but lets talk about that. If they are financing it for you, shouldn’t your monthly rate go back down after the equipment is paid off? It doesn’t. You will be stuck overpaying for 3-5 years, and your contract will auto renew. We’ve been around since ’78, and we know what parts really cost. That equipment is actually paid off within the first year! With us, you may pay a little more upfront, but you’ll pay a lot less long term. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for, no secrets.

We offer transparent pricing.

With us, you know what you’re REALLY paying for. The equipment price is separate from the monthly monitoring rate. Once the equipment is paid for, all you have left is our low monthly rate. No contract. If you do the math over a typical 36 month term like most companies require, you’ll find we’re a MUCH better deal.

Small Biz FAQs

We are primarily a residential company, but we can handle light commercial applications up to 4,000 sq ft. If you’re not sure, just give us a call we’ll be happy to see what we can do. If you have a large structure, we highly recommend DSS Security.

Yes- High risk locations like jewelry stores, 24HR locations, coin laundry, and liquor stores are a few examples of places we can’t monitor for insurance and liability reasons (we are primarily a residential company). For locations we can’t monitor we highly recommend DSS Security or Kelltech Systems.

Because we are primarily a residential company, we are not set up to for garage or warehouse applications. We only handle light commercial spaces like offices and small retail spaces. For warehouses, garages, or larger spaces, we recommend DSS Security or Kelltech Systems.

Yes! The touchscreen IQ2 automation system starts at $39.95/mo for commercial applications. That includes the full-featured app, with stay/away arming, and notifications. The IQ2 is compatible with cameras, lights, locks, thermostats, and more.

Our technician will collect with check or credit card on-site for any equipment we’ve sold you, as well as the first billing cycle of monitoring to get your service started. We have two billing cycle options to choose from: Monthly Auto-Draft, or you can pay annually and receive 1 free month (pay for 11 and get the 12th free).

There is no contract! Since 1978, we’ve been able to keep our customers with great service. Should you need to stop service though, all we require is a standard 30 day written notice.

A dispatcher immediately calls you on any number you would like us to call. If we don’t receive an answer, the police or fire department are dispatched to your home. If we do receive an answer we verify your password, and at that point you can decide if you want us to dispatch or not. We never charge for false alarms.

Yes! We have a true online quote system here. Or give us a call during business hours, and our sales staff will be glad to help you out. Dial 888-888-1695, press option #1.

Your city probably requires a monitoring permit (not an installation permit). Contact your local police department, or search their website for more info. Most cities allow you to at least download the registration form off their website. Once you’re registered, be sure to call and give us your permit number.

We do not. Commercial fire monitoring is typically handled by a separate fire system that the building’s management controls. For that reason, we do not carry commercial fire licensing.

We do not. Because we are set up for light commercial applications, and most light applications don’t require them, we aren’t set up for open/closing reports. A better option would be to install a wireless camera from ARLO. That way you also get a video clip with your timestamp, as well as increased security in general. We also recommend speaking with DSS Security and Kelltech Systems.

What our customers say

100% Satisfied

From the first phone call to the actual use of our security system we have been 100% satisfied! The technician was knowledgeable and courteous. He was able to answer all my questions and get the system up and running in no time. Thank you Smith Thompson Home Security for making our home more secure and at an affordable price to do so!!!!

Happy Customer Dallas, TX

We had a great experience with Smith Thompson

Recently for our home in downtown Houston! I was referred to Smith Thompson by a friend after expressing frustration with some of the larger brands that lock you into a 3-year contract. We called to inquire about the most cost-effective…

Excited Customer Houston, Texas
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We've had the same 16.95 rate for 45 years!