$16.95/mo Home Security Systems in Houston – Same Rate Since ’78

You read that right. We’ve had the same monitoring rate since 1978. That’s over 42 years! We’ve NEVER raised our standard monitoring rate, and no other home security company in Houston can say the same. How do we do it? Smith Thompson Home Security not only provides excellent service, we don’t raise our rates. So, our customers are very loyal! We know we will earn their business at their next home, and they’ll tell friends and family.

No Contract Home Security Systems in Houston – Don’t like us? FIRE US!

We don’t hide behind a monitoring contract like other companies. We know we’ll keep you with great service. Since 1978, we’ve never required a contract for home security systems in Houston. Never had to. If we do a great job for you, you’ll stay with us. If we don’t, you can FIRE US. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work? It’s the honest way to do business.

3 Flexible Security Plans

Zero Contracts!
Plan 1 $16.95 per month

Wireless Monitoring

  • $89 one-time cost
  • Use your existing system
  • 24/7 private monitoring
  • LTE/5G ready cellular + Wi-Fi Connection
  • Professional Installation
  • Same Rate Since ‘78
Compatible systems we can takeover
DSC 1616
HONEYWELL 15p / 20p
Need a new basic system installed? Give us a call, or try our build & price. Build & price
Does your system look different? Text us a photo and we’ll check compatibility 972-597-1911
Plan 2 $21.95 per month

Wireless Monitoring + Arm/Disarm App

  • Upgraded Cellular + Wi-Fi Transmitter
  • Arm/Disarm App Control w/ Notifications
  • $89 one-time cost
  • Use your existing system
  • 24/7 private monitoring
  • LTE/5G ready cellular + Wi-Fi Connection
  • Professional Installation
  • Same Rate Since ‘78
Control your existing SYSTEM from your phone!
Compatible systems we can takeover
DSC 1616
HONEYWELL 15p / 20p
Need a new basic system installed? Give us a call, or try our build & price. Build & price
Does your system look different? Text us a photo and we’ll check compatibility 972-597-1911
Plan 3 $29.95 per month

Smart Home Security & Automation

  • 7” Touchscreen Keypad Hub
  • Built-in Camera & Glassbreak
  • 1 Encrypted Power G Motion or Glass Break Sensor
  • 3 Encrypted Power G Door Sensors or Sensor Takeover Module
  • Expandable w/cameras, thermostats, lights, locks all from 1 app.
  • Professional Installation
  • 24/7 private monitoring
  • LTE/5G ready cellular + Wifi Connection
$499 is cheaper that what you can buy it online for, and we actually install if for you!

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Plan 1Plan 2Plan 3
Min. Start-up Cost
This is the most common equipment startup cost. No high pressure sales people here.
No Contract
If you don’t like us, fire us! We are confident we can keep you with great service though.
Wireless. No Phone Line Needed
Even if your phone line is cut, and power goes out, you are still covered 24/7 by cellular connection.
24hr Monitoring
Continuous coverage by our privately-owned UL Certified central station.
Insurance Discount
Because our central station is UL Certified, you will qualify for the maximum insurance discount.
Arm/Disarm App Control
Arm your system right from your smartphone using our app. Includes Stay and Away arming feature.
System History in App
View exactly when your system was armed, disarmed, or when it was triggered.
Push, Text & Email Notifications
Get notified when a specific door or zone is opened and closed, or when it’s armed, disarmed, triggered.
Dual Path- with Wi-Fi Connection
Wi-Fi connected systems are much faster. Also provides an extra layer of protection if cell signal drops in your area.
Works with Indoor / Outdoor Cameras
Our cameras work in unison with the alarm system. If the alarm is triggered, cameras automatically record.
Works with Video Doorbell
View live feed and answer door from your touchscreen keypad, or phone. Keep tabs on deliveries.
Works with Z Wave Devices
The built-in Z Wave hub connects lights, locks, thermostats, garage, into 1 app for a fully connected experience.
Control Home from 1 App
A true smart home is controlled from a single app. Where all devices talk to each other, and work together.
128 Bit Encryption
Our smart sensors use bank-grade encryption. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum, and 128 Bit AES Encryption.
Smash & Crash Protection
Our smart panel will still send emergency signals even if completely destroyed by an intruder.
Works with Alexa & Google Home
You can add alarm.com as a skill to make it even easier to control your smart home, hands free.
Power Outage & Restoral Notifications
Receive alerts if your home loses power, and when it’s turned back on.
Arming Reminders
Forget to arm the system, close the garage, or lock door? No problem, our system can remind you.
Unexpected Activity Alerts
Our system learns your patterns. For example: if someone opens a door at an odd time of the day, it’ll let you know.
Automated Schedules
Setup a schedule for your lights and thermostats so you don’t have to remember.
Automatic WiFi Updates
Our smart panel stays current. New features and functionality get pushed directly to your devices.
Power G Compatible
Power G sensors are the best, and that’s what we use. 1-mile range, bank level 128-bit AES encryption.

Smart Home Security Systems & Camera Options To Protect Your Home in Houston

Looking for something a little higher end with more features? Our 7” touchscreen IQ2 panel is ultra-thin, works with cameras and is smart home ready. It looks great on the wall, feels like your phone, and includes a built-in photo frame to display your favorite pictures. It comes with a built-in app control service, so you can all your favorite features from the palm of your hand. You get dual path connectivity, which means your panel is connected by LTE cellular wireless, and wifi. That ensures your system gets responded to every time, plus it’s significantly faster when interreacting with your smartphone app. The IQ2 panel is Power G sensor compatible too. Most Houston alarm companies cut corners and use non-power G, unencrypted sensors. Not us! Power G sensors have 4X the range with military grade 2-way encryption, as well as automatic signal adjustment to improve battery life that ensures reliable connection, and inference circumvention to ensure your signals never get blocked by other wireless protocols. You’ll also get exciting features like Bluetooth touchless disarming, disarm photos from the built-in panel cameras, and a built-in glass break detector. It will work with most existing alarm sensors, and is compatible with devices like indoor/outdoor cameras, z wave locks, lights, thermostats, and garage door openers.

Plan 1 and 2 upgrade options

Standard Smartphone Control w/Dual Path Wifi

Arm & Disarm your system from anywhere in the world, including Stay & Away…

$5.00/month Learn More

Smoke & Heat Detector

Triggers your alarm system when heat or smoke is detected. In order to add…

Extra Door/Window Sensors

Contact us to learn more about the Extra Door/Window Sensors. Wireless sensor that can…

Motion Detector

Triggers your alarm system when it senses motion. Must be mounted 6-7 feet from…

Plan 3 upgrade options

HD Video Doorbell

Overview Introducing the latest addition to Alarm.com’s family of video doorbells — the ADC-VDB750….

$249 Learn More

HD Outdoor Camera

WiFi Connected. 1080P & Waterproof Secure Encrypted Cloud Storage Excellent Low Light Perform…

$249 Learn More

HD Indoor Camera

Wifi Connected Pristine video up to 1080P2-Way AudioSecure Encrypted Cloud StorageStream live video or motion…

$249 Learn More

Standard Smartphone Control w/Dual Path Wifi

Arm & Disarm your system from anywhere in the world, including Stay & Away…

$5.00/month Learn More

“Free alarm systems” are nothing but tricks.

Houston home alarm companies that offer “free” alarm systems are just hiding the equipment cost in your 3-5-year contract. That equipment is paid for within the first year, but do they lower your rate once it’s paid off? No. You’re stuck at that $60-$70 monthly rate for at least another 2+ years. That forces you to greatly overpay. Besides overpaying, what if their service is poor? Too bad, you’re trapped in their contract.

Finally a transparent Houston Alarm Company

We don’t hide equipment fees by rolling them into a high monthly rate. At Smith Thompson Security we believe the right thing to do is, is to show you the price of the equipment and monitoring rate separately. That way you REALLY know what you’re spending.

No Contracts. No Price Increases.

Get a Quote today!

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Alarm system pricing right over the phone.

Don’t you hate it when companies hold pricing hostage for your information, or worse a high-pressure sales pitch in your home? At Smith Thompson Security we give you the home security system pricing up front, right over the phone. That way you know what to expect, and you don’t have to take off of work, or waste your time scheduling a visit with a high-pressure sales guy. You know the type, the ones that try and sell you a bunch of stuff you don’t really need.

Cheaper than DIY, and we actually install if for you.

We are the only home alarm company in Houston to offer smart home security and automation for just $29.95/mo. Even if you add video and cameras to your package. Most companies are charging in the range of $50-70 per month for the same service, and under a contract. The best part is we don’t just ship it to you in a box. We actually send you a professional technician to install, test, and demo it for you. Do you really want to spend your whole weekend messing with all of this? Let us do it for you!

What our customers say
Excellent Reviews

Don’t take our word for it, look us up. We have excellent ratings on the Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, Nextdoor, Angie’s List, Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Since 1978, we’ve worked hard to establish and maintain a solid reputation, and our online reviews back it up.

In House Monitoring – 100% Texan

We don’t outsource your monitoring out of state, or worse out of country. People don’t realize most alarm companies are just a few sales people and technicians, and once the system is installed, they sell your account to a 3rd party monitoring center that handles millions of other customers, from thousands of different companies. Yikes. We own and operate our own private, 24/7, UL Listed and Approved, dispatch facility. Right here in Texas. To maintain our UL status, we voluntarily open ourselves to a yearly safety, disaster recovery plan, and systems audit. This requires maintaining dual uninterruptable power supplies, diesel generators, servers, redundant phone networks, and underground fully supervised utilities. Our entire building is access controlled, and under 24-hour surveillance. We have full quality control over our service. We install it, we service it, we monitor it.

Smith Thompson Home Security and Alarm Houston
5100 Westheimer Rd #200
Houston, TX 77056
(713) 492-1064

Don’t need all the bells & whistles?

Already have a system, and just want to use what’s already there? We can do that for $16.95/mo., and no contract. Smith Thompson Security can take over most common alarm systems by adding our cellular wireless transmitter for a small one-time cost. That way you aren’t paying to completely replace your existing alarm system. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Small Business Security

Smith Thompson Security secures thousands of small businesses across Texas, and at reasonable rates with no contracts. We offer many solutions that help you keep tabs on your business- like cameras, smart locks, smart thermostats, temperature sensors, arming and disarming notifications. All from your smart phone.