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What Does Powered by Mean?

At Smith Thompson Home Security, we’re constantly looking for ways to provide the best home security in Texas. That search has led us into a partnership with For customers who choose to upgrade to a home automation system, we’re now pairing our industry-leading 24/7 monitoring with a powerful app developed by

Our security systems are “Powered by,” which means that the “brain” of the Smith Thompson Home Security system resides in the platform. This platform is a cloud-based technology that processes data from literally millions of homes across the country and converts it into actions inside your home that make your life safer and easier.

What You Get from Smith Thompson Home Security

When you invest in a home security system installed by Smith Thompson that is powered by, you’re getting so much more than peace of mind.

Professional Service and Support

When you get your security system from Smith Thompson, we pledge to serve your family with dependable, friendly, fast and affordable security services. As a family- owned and -operated business, we also know how tight household budgets can be. That’s why we’ve made our monthly, no-contract rates for standard wireless monitoring — $16.95 per month — and home automation integration (complete with full smartphone app control) — $29.95 per month — so affordable. With tens of thousands of satisfied customers throughout Texas, we’ve earned a Better Business Bureau A+ rating, and, for good measure, we’re also the Official Home Security Company of the Dallas Mavericks.

An integral part of Smith Thompson’s service to our customers is our Monitoring Center. All our customers receive 24-hour fire and security monitoring provided by the highly trained specialists in our monitoring command center in Plano, Texas. You have our promise that this crucial work will never be contracted out to a third party. You can count on our professionals to monitor that system 24/7 and 365 days of the year.

The Smartest Home Security

A security system from Smith Thompson powered by comes with a number of safeguards designed to provide the very best in-home protection. These include a dedicated cellular connection that can’t be cut by thieves who want to break into your home, an Unexpected Activity alert that gives you an early warning of danger and “Crash and Smash” protection.

A common tactic employed by burglars is to quickly locate and smash the security system’s control panel during the countdown period before it can sound an alarm. But, with an home security solution from Smith Thompson, should the control panel go offline during the countdown, the “Crash and Smash” component immediately sets off an alarm. That provides you with an extra layer of home protection.

One Smart App for Everything

Many home security systems available today are incredibly complex, with each device in your home controlled by a separate app. Not so with the Smith Thompson Home Security system powered by One app controls everything in your home. With just a few taps and swipes, you can arm your security panel, turn on the lights, let a visitor in, view a video feed or activate several smart devices at once. It’s really that simple — no engineering degree required!

Automatic Updates

As today’s technology continues to develop at warp speed, what’s cutting-edge today may be virtually obsolete tomorrow. But that’s no cause for concern with a Smith Thompson security system. Our system stays current with digitally-delivered upgrades that maximize the life of your system (and your investment), ensuring that you’ll always be able to benefit from the latest and smartest home security technology.

Crime Is Always with Us

We don’t like scare tactics, but we believe in being realistic. Rest assured there are always thieves lurking, looking for their next victim. For example, according to recent statistics, property crime in Dallas is 39 percent higher than the national average, while in Houston the rate is 76 percent higher than the rest of the country.

For many of us, our home is our most important asset. So why take a chance with that investment? Instead, enjoy the best home security in Texas. To experience the Smith Thompson Home Security and difference, contact us today. We’ve been protecting homes and businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and across the state of Texas since 1978, and we look forward to helping you feel more safe and secure in your home.

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We are the largest independent alarm company in Texas, family owned and operated since 1978. Two generations of family are on the job, and now offering multiple home services.

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From the first phone call to the actual use of our security system we have been 100% satisfied! The technician was knowledgeable and courteous. He was able to answer all my questions and get the system up and running in no time. Thank you Smith Thompson Home Security for making our home more secure and at an affordable price to do so!!!!

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We had a great experience with Smith Thompson

Recently for our home in downtown Houston! I was referred to Smith Thompson by a friend after expressing frustration with some of the larger brands that lock you into a 3-year contract. We called to inquire about the most cost-effective…

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