Tips for Selecting a Pest Control Service

One of the unfortunate facts of homeownership is that, from time to time, you will find yourself dealing with some pest issue. Whether it’s mice, a colony of black ants, or something more destructive such as termites, the day will likely come where you need to call for help with home pest control. When that day does arrive, keep these tips in mind to find a reputable, reliable, and competent company to help you with your pest issue.

  • Ask for recommendations

You aren’t the first person to deal with a pest problem, which means you aren’t the first person to need help with pest control. The chances are that you have friends, family members, or neighbors who have been precisely where you are now. Pick their brains about their experiences and ask for recommendations of pest control companies in your area.

  • Do some online recon

Seeing which companies are out there and familiarizing yourself with the names can make it easier to shop around or make sense of the recommendations you’re getting from your acquaintances. If you live in the Dallas area, for instance, search “pest control Dallas” or “Dallas pest problems” and see what you find. From there, you can start researching companies and narrowing down your selection.

  • Get a sense of reputation

The other good thing about Googling pest control companies in your area is that you can start reading customer reviews online. You want a pest control team that is respected and highly rated among customers. Many negative ratings are a red flag and indicate you should look elsewhere.

  • Make sure the company handles the type of pest you’re dealing with

You might not know for sure what kind of pest or pest infestation you are contending with at your home. In some cases, you might notice the damage wrought by a pest before you catch any site of the creature—especially in the case of fast, furry pests such as chipmunks or mice. Still, if you have a general idea, it’s good to make sure that you are calling a pest control specialist who deals with the type of pest in question. Some companies focus specifically on bugs, while others deal with squirrels, gophers, mice, and other larger pests. At Smith Thompson, we offer both wildlife control and insect control in Dallas.

  • Ask about experience

Either through online research or a dialogue with the pest control company (or companies) you are considering, take some time to gather a few crucial points of information. One key consideration is experience. You want a pest control team with a lengthy track record of proven results. Suffice to say that extermination isn’t something you want to do twice. When you call Smith Thompson, you get a company that has been operating consistently under the same family ownership since 1978.

  • Ask about warranty

Struggles with pests can be unpredictable, which means many pest control companies will be hesitant to offer warranty coverage. However, warranty is still a worthwhile topic to ask about, especially if you are purchasing an ongoing treatment plan. See number 10 to learn more.

  • Ask about licensing

The other big question you’re going to want to ask upfront is about licensing. Is the company you’re hiring operating entirely above board, with the proper licenses from the state? You should be able to find license numbers on the pest control company’s website, but if you can’t, it’s 100 percent appropriate to ask the question during your first phone call.

  • Look for extra value

Pest control can be expensive—especially if there is property damage that you need to repair after the extermination. Looking for deals or bundles to save money is never a bad idea. For instance, at Smith Thompson—since we are a home security company by trade that also provides pest control in Dallas—we offer 25 percent off pest treatments for customers who already work with us for home security.

  • Get a quote

No trustworthy home pest control company will try to carry out a pest treatment sight unseen. Every type of pest requires a slightly different approach, and each pest issue is unique depending on the house, property, pest, and degree of infestation. As such, a pest control professional should visit your property, carry out an inspection, and give you an assessment of the situation, along with a price quote. In some cases, you will be able to get a ballpark price estimate online—we do this at Smith Thompson—but a technician will need to verify with an on-site inspection before offering a final quote.

  • Consider an ongoing treatment plan

If you know from experience that your struggles with pests tend to recur even after treatment, it is likely worthwhile to set up an ongoing treatment plan for your home or yard. This kind of arrangement will help to keep the pests at bay, protecting your property from harm along the way. We offer a quarterly treatment plan that is quite popular among our customers.

If you need help with pest and insect control in Dallas, we hope you will consider our team at Smith Thompson Home Security. Visit our home pest control page to learn more about our services, or contact us today to request a quote.

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