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The Reality of Small Business Theft

As anyone involved in small business knows, running one is a complicated responsibility with many details to account for, from managing inventory to marketing your products and services. For growing companies and many business owners, margins are often tight. Investing in something that may not provide an immediate payoff, such as a commercial security system, may seem unnecessary. However, the reality of losses due to theft and burglary truly add up. According to the results of a survey published in Small Business Trends, a business owner dealing with the aftermath of a burglary or theft incident might have to pay approximately $8,000 out of pocket. For many, a bill of that nature could be dangerous to the health of the business — and devastating to those who have worked so hard built it. Security and insurance coverage are some of many smart business ideas to consider.

Unlike major corporate businesses or “big box” stores, small businesses are uniquely vulnerable to crimes such as break-ins. Potential criminals may see small businesses as easy targets with inadequate security measures. Even non-retail enterprises have critically important assets to protect, including computers, financial information and personal property. And industry experts have determined that businesses are four times more likely to be burglarized than homes. The reality is that you never know when criminals may strike, and it’s essential to protect your business from opportunistic thieves.

Stop Threats Before They Occur

What does this mean for you and your business? You certainly shouldn’t wait for a security incident to occur before installing an alarm system. To determine which security system is right for your business, keep the nature of crime in your area in mind. The city of Dallas, for example, reports 30 burglaries per day on average, according to the FBI. If you’re a Dallas business owner, you have the power to reduce your chances of being victimized. Fortunately, the commercial security system market has expanded to include affordable and effective options that can keep your small business safe. Beyond traditional alarm systems that can frighten burglars and prompt them to abandon their efforts, advanced security solution, such as motion detectors and mobile monitoring, are becoming more affordable and accessible.

Even if your business has not experienced a break-in or security breach, the chance of being targeted is too high not to take action. The Chicago-based insurance agency Insureon has presented new data indicating that 8.8 percent of small businesses suffered a burglary or theft in 2016. If you haven’t yet taken steps toward securing your business, both during regular hours and while your doors are closed, it’s time to boost your security measures.

Custom Security for Small Businesses

Alarm systems are often the first line of defense against theft. According to a 2018 National Retail Security Survey by the National Retail Federation, burglar alarms are the most-used loss prevention system, and 87.3 percent of businesses rely upon them. Measures such as improved door hardware that can resist lock picks and increased lighting can be helpful, but alarms and security cameras are your best bet to stop a crime once the theft is in progress. Effective systems usually include multiple devices that detect unauthorized entry, as well as 24-hour monitoring services that can immediately notify the police. Although facing the prospect of adding or improving a commercial security system may seem overwhelming, a trusted Texas company is here to help with decades of experience at reasonable rates.

Smith Thompson offers an array of affordable, effective and contract-free options to keep your small business safe from burglars. Available features include LCD keypads, wireless door sensors, motion detectors, glass break sensors, sensor receivers and more, including window stickers and signs designed to deter thieves from a safe distance. If you already have a security system in place and are looking to upgrade, Smith Thompson has you covered there, too. Our security equipment is compatible with most DSC, Honeywell and ADT systems and can be taken over or updated for little to no cost. Why spend unnecessary money on a brand-new system when Smith Thompson can make the most of what you already have in place?

Clearly, best practices indicate to protect your small business by installing a commercial security system. Since 1978, the security device specialists here at Smith Thompson Home Security have been protecting homes and businesses across the state of Texas. Locally owned and operated, Smith Thompson genuinely understands the needs of small businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Austin, Houston and beyond. If you’re in search of exemplary and dedicated service at a great value, contact Smith Thompson today to learn more about our small business security solutions.

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