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The Best Spots to Hide Security Cameras in Your Home

The best spots in your home to install security cameras

Installing security cameras around the interior and exterior of your home can give you the peace of mind of knowing what’s happening in and around your home when you’re not there. Additionally, visible security cameras can serve as a deterrent to potential burglars (as proven by a UNC Charlotte study). Because the presence of the surveillance equipment itself can deter a potential burglar, it’s important to make sure that at least a few of your cameras are visible, while others can be hidden to get a better view while remaining undetected.

Whether you’re planning to install a few cameras or invest in an entire home security system, it’s important to be thoughtful and strategic about where you’ll place each camera for an ideal view of your home. Read on to find out which spots in your home are the best for installing security cameras and why.


The entrances of your home are obvious locations to mount a camera, as many burglars enter houses through the front or back door. Consider these cameras the main “eyes” of your home, as they will keep track of anyone who approaches your home from the front or rear. It’s important to mount these cameras facing downward at a high vantage point to ensure a clear, all-encompassing view and to make the camera more difficult to tamper with.

If you are unable to securely install a camera outside your home, mount the camera looking out a window with a view of the front door or back door — you’ll still get the right vantage point while keeping it safe from tampering.

Other options for the entrances of your home include a peephole camera or a doorbell cam that is triggered when someone comes onto your porch or patio.


Burglars who don’t or can’t enter through one of the home’s doors will likely attempt to open or break a window. Although you can mount cameras in or near any of your home’s windows, it makes the most sense to surveil the ones which are located off the street, on the first floor and not in direct view of neighbors. These may be the windows facing out toward the backyard or side yard.

Install window cameras either above the window on the exterior or inside the home looking out the window for additional camera security. Also, consider glass break sensors, which can provide your windows with additional security.  

Gates and yard

Think of a yard gate or driveway gate as another door to your home — it makes sense to mount a camera to keep track of the comings and goings in this area. Many people store valuable equipment, toys and keepsakes in their backyard, which can be just as heartbreaking to lose to a burglar as items stored inside the home.

For areas like backyards, motion sensor flood light cameras are the best option. The light will serve as an additional deterrent if there is any movement in your yard, and the camera will capture the culprit’s image.

Basement windows and doors

If your basement has a door, hatch or window, it’s wise to equip this easy-to-access area with cameras. For these lower-level access points, it may be ideal to install these cameras inside looking out, as they can be easy to obscure or tamper with when installed outside.

Before you install

Now that you know the best spots to place your camera, there are still a few other factors to consider. First, determine how many cameras you’ll need to ensure visibility of your whole home. Next, research the different kinds of cameras available and decide which will be best for the various areas of your home. This includes waterproof cameras for outdoor areas, cameras with night vision capability and remote-controlled camera options (think rotation or zoom features).

You’ll also want to determine whether you’ll install and monitor your cameras yourself or whether you’d rather have a professional install and monitor them for you.

Once you’ve installed your cameras, you’ll have the peace of mind of constant surveillance, but you may want to take your security to the next level by adding additional features. Contact Smith Thompson Home Security today to learn more about security solutions that will make your cameras even more effective.

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