Smartphone Control for Your Small Business Security

What’s better than knowing you can safeguard your small business with state-of-the-art small business security? How about being able to monitor that security system from wherever you might be? Mobile devices have changed the game for home and business security in extremely beneficial ways. These days, the majority of people have a high-powered computer right in their pocket. Studies have shown that some 80 percent of Americans own smartphones. Those devices, among their many capabilities and benefits, have the power to give you a window into your home or business from anywhere.

How to Control Your Small Business Security System Via Your Mobile Device

At Smith Thompson Home Security, we are proud to offer both home and business security solutions that incorporate smartphone control capabilities. This feature is so popular that one of the first questions many customers ask us is something along the lines of “How do I manage my security system with my phone?”

First, it’s important to note that smartphone control is not a built-in part of our security services. While many, many people now own smartphones, there are still homeowners and business owners who prefer to use basic cellphone models. Smartphones have so many features that some people find them somewhat confusing. Also, smartphones are still very expensive—at least if you are talking about more recent models. Our mobile-based security control capabilities are only available to smartphone or tablet users, as these features exist thanks to a security monitoring app. We don’t want to force customers to pay for this extra feature if their choice of phone device means they won’t be able to use it.

With that point made, understand that our security monitoring app is available to all customers who wish to have the option of mobile device control. Businesses need only pay an extra $6.99 per month on top of their existing business security invoice to take advantage of this additional feature.

If you do decide to use our app as part of your small business security plan, you will be glad to know how intuitive and easy to use it is. The app is fairly basic in design—though it does use the fastest LTE transmitter possible to deliver real-time security monitoring. The core interface for the system is there to allow you to 1) view the current “Armed” or “Disarmed” status of the system, and 2) arm or disarm it on the go. If you forgot to arm the security system before you locked up your business for the weekend, or if you are away and need to let an employee into the premises, the app provides you with those capabilities.

In a situation where one of your system’s alarms is activated, our mobile application will also play the role of security monitoring app. You can configure the app to send text and/or email notifications when an alarm goes off. That way, you will know immediately if there is an incident at your property and can call us and/or the authorities to determine next steps. The app also allows you to view past event history so that you can see when your system has been armed, disarmed, activated, or otherwise altered.

Security Monitoring, Beyond Your Security Monitoring App

We decided to incorporate a mobile app into our home and business security offerings primarily due to popular demand. People wanted these features, and we were happy to build them into our security capabilities.

Ultimately, know that you don’t need to feel responsible for monitoring your small business security system consistently if you do not wish to do so. There is peace of mind to be had from knowing you can check the status of your system at any time. However, if your alarm is triggered, you might find yourself feeling unsure of what steps to take next. How can you stop a potential in-progress break-in if you are hundreds or thousands of miles away from your business’s front door? How should you even go about contacting the authorities in your area to alert them?

Fortunately, with Smith Thompson, you don’t need to worry about answering either of these questions. One of the things you buy when you hire us as your security company is ongoing security monitoring. We will keep an eye on your system 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If something activates your alarm, you can trust that we will see it right away. From there, our dispatcher will call you right away to determine whether we must dispatch someone to your business. If we don’t get an answer to this phone call, or if you can’t account for why the alarm may have activated, we will call the police immediately and get someone to your business as quickly as we can.

Learn More About Our Business Security Options Today

As the “Smith Thompson Home Security” brand name implies, we are primarily a residential service business. However, we do offer security for small business provided they are not operating in particularly high-risk industries. If you are interested in working with us to secure your business or want to find out whether your small venture is one that we can secure, contact us today.

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