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According to statistics compiled by the FBI, Texas’ property crime rate is nearly 7 percent higher than the national average. With hundreds of thousands of acts of vandalism, package theft, unlawful entry and burglary occurring in the state every year, home and small business owners need to protect themselves with the help of a proven security provider.

And to give their property, employees and families the highest level of protection possible, residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Houston, Austin and San Antonio should look to a time-tested provider like Smith Thompson Home Security. In partnership with, we now offer a cutting-edge and comprehensive smart security solution that provides a new level of protection.

What Is Smart Security?

In the context of security, “smart” refers to internet connectivity. Traditionally, security systems function by tapping into a home’s existing electrical and telephone system to protect it from unauthorized entry.

However, cutting-edge smart security systems utilize a dedicated 4G LTE transmitter, wireless motion sensors, cameras and digital locks not only to provide a more in-depth level of monitoring but also to give owners a greater degree of control over their system.

Security at Your Fingertips

One of the best things about smart security is that it gives homeowners and business owners alike the power to control their security system via’s smartphone application.

With this app, owners can arm and disarm their systems both on-site and remotely, review video from indoor and outdoor HD cameras, manage access to their property and trigger a panic switch that will immediately mobilize emergency services and dispatch them to the property.

All of those functions and more can be managed with a few taps and swipes via’s proprietary app, which is available on Apple, Android and Amazon mobile devices.

Take Control with Doorbell Cameras

Want to know an easy and affordable way you can protect your home or office from intruders and package thieves while also keeping a closer eye on your loved ones? Invest in some doorbell cameras.

Through the app, owners can answer their doorbell even when they aren’t on the premises. As such, you can protect yourself from package thieves by allowing delivery people to leave items inside the property when off-site.

You can also see and have voice conversations with visitors remotely, a feature one University of North Carolina at Charlotte study found could dissuade the majority of thieves from attempting a break-in. Even better, you can easily share footage of any suspicious persons captured on your doorbell camera with the police.

Lastly, a doorbell camera can give parents and employers peace of mind by sending them alerts containing footage of returning family and employees, and anyone who may be with them. When it comes to keeping your loved ones safe and preventing theft and unauthorized access, the level of control offered by doorbell cameras can only be described as game-changing.

Stay in the Know on the Go

Another advantage of a smart security system over a traditional monitoring service is that it gives you a greater level of insight. By working together, Smith Thompson Home Security and provide Texans with the ability to make sure that all their doors are locked and that their security system is armed.

The joint smart security solution offered by the two companies also allows parents to peek in on their kids via HD indoor cameras, control the lights, lower and raise the garage door and adjust the temperature at their leisure.

The smart system can even let you know if there’s a break-in, fire or water leak happening at your property — and if you’re a thousand miles away.

A Smart Security Solution You Can Trust

Given the relative newness of smart security systems, residents of the Lone Star State might understandably be wary of putting their faith in a company they may not be familiar with. But the reality is that locals do know who they’re dealing with when they choose to work with Smith Thompson Home Security. We’ve provided residents with affordable, robust and Better Business Bureau A+-rated home and business security since 1978.

Here at Smith Thompson Home Security, we value our reputation with the community above all else. We decided to partner with after a thorough vetting process. Like Smith Thompson Home Security, is committed to keeping Texans and their property safe and secure.

If you want to give your home or business the level of protection only a smart security solution can provide, contact one of our anti-theft experts today.

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