The Top Security Solutions That Best Protect Your Home from an Invasion

Unfortunately the times of leaving your doors or windows unlocked while leaving the house are over and now extra security measures are needed in order to best protect your home. In fact, statistics show that there are about 3.7 million household burglaries a year with 28% of those occurring while a family member was still in the home. 

Despite how shocking these statistics may be, there is hope in having a well secure and protected home. As such, there are easy and effective solutions that can give your home the extra safety it needs in order to give you the peace of mind you deserve. By proactively implementing some of these security measures in your home, you will have an inner tranquility that you, your home, and your family are being well safeguarded against any possible invasion or attack of privacy. 

The Top Security Solutions to Best Protect Your Home

Fortunately, some of the most effective ways to protect your home are also the easiest to implement. Some of the top ways you can ensure your property is being well protected, and thus giving you peace of mind, include:

  • Ensure your outdoor areas are well-lit: A well-lit house is one of the easiest and most effective ways to deter a burglar from trying to enter your premises. Having lights around your home not only gives a burglar the notion that someone is home but also makes them think twice about committing a crime that is clearly visible to you or neighbors.
  • Lock your doors: Yes, this seems obvious but sometimes people can become complacent on ensuring their front door or garage door is locked, especially if one lives in a neighborhood where break-ins seem unlikely. Furthermore, while it may seem that most burglars break windows to get in the home, the truth is that most enter right through opened doors. Therefore, do yourself and your home a favor and be extra diligent on locking up, especially when you leave the house.  
  • Walk around your home: For this you will need to think like a burglar. Where could one easily enter your home? Are there any hiding spots, overgrown bushes, easy to reach windows? If so, take extra precautions to ensure that as much of these easy access points are eliminated or reduced. This could include trimming bushes and locking up any tools or ladders so that they can not be used for leverage to get inside the home. Taking the time to do this can exponentially increase your chances of avoiding a future invasion. 
  • Keep your vacation plans to yourself: Posting on social media your whereabouts only increases your chances of someone taking advantage of knowing that you are not home. While you can tell trusted family members or neighbors (all of which may be able to keep a lookout for suspicious activity at your home while you are gone), be cautious about who you disclose your vacation plans to. As such, to protect the safety of your home, you will want to keep your vacation pictures to yourself until you return home. 
  • Change locks if necessary: If you are purchasing a home from someone else, one of the first things you need to do is change the locks to your doors. You have no idea who may have a spare key to the home from the previous owner so getting new locks will give you peace of mind that no one unexpected will be visiting. This also goes for old locks, as well. Make sure your locks are functioning properly and change the door locks if necessary.
  • Install automatic lights: If you typically return home late or are going on vacation, installing outdoor lights that automatically turn on when it gets dark out can ensure your outdoor is well-lit at all times of the day, thus deterring a potential intruder. 
  • Install a home security system: Having a home security system installed in your home is the top way in which you can most effectively secure your home. In fact, out of all the burglaries that happen per year, a majority of them occur in homes that do not have an alarm system installed. However, despite this fact, many people don’t seek home security because they don’t want to pay the cost of having one installed. Don’t let the cost of getting a security system installed in your home deter you seeking this extra protection measure. The good news is that there are some home security companies that provide industry-leading security while also being extremely affordable to the user. Furthermore, installing a home security device in your home can lower your insurance premiums as well, making an alarm system cost-effective in the long-run anyways.

Companies That Provide Leading Security Solutions for Your Home 

As previously stated, the best way to protect your property from a potential intrusion is to install a security system in your home. As this is the easiest and most effective way to ensure no one unwelcome enters your home, investing in an industry-leading security system will provide you with the peace of mind you’ve been looking for. However, before you pick just any security company to install a system in your home you will want to make sure that they are offering you the level of protection you need for the cost that is affordable to you. Companies that rope you in with contracts or “free” alarm systems should raise serious suspicion and red flags within you. These companies hide the cost of the alarm system into higher monthly payments. This, in turn, ends up costing you a lot more money in the long run as you end up paying for the alarm system and more through their contract plans. Instead, make sure that the security company you go with does not make you sign up for a contract and does not offer you any “free” stuff.

There are companies out there that provide top-level protection while being affordable for anyone wanting to further secure their home. Reach out to the industry-leading security company and see what a difference extra security measures makes to your peace of mind today.

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