Why Your Home is Under a Security Risk Without a Home Security Device Installed

There are over 2 million burglaries that are reported in the U.S. per year. This equates to burglaries occurring, on average, every 13 seconds. Despite the shockingly high rates of burglaries consistently occurring in the U.S., however, there are only about 14% of U.S. residents who have taken the proactive measures of installing a home security device in their home, even though statistically speaking home security devices are the most effective way to deter burglaries. So, why, despite evidence showing that home security devices are the best way to protect a home, do such few people utilize these security measures to ensure their home is being well monitored and protected at all times? Although there are a variety of reasons why someone may neglect installing a home security device, one such reason may be that they are afraid of the costs associated with installing a device in their home.  As such, both homeowners and renters alike need to consider ways in which they can safeguard their home so that they can rest assured knowing their safety and well-being are being carefully protected from a potential home invasion. 

Security Measures You Should Take to Lower a Home Invasion Risk

Although installing a home security system is the most effective way to ensure your home is being protected at all times of the day, there are other cost effective, or free, ways in which you can start proactively securing your premises. Some easy ways to lower your risk of a home invasion include:

  • Getting to know your neighbors: Sometimes it’s easy to avoid forging relationships with the people that live the closest to you, however, getting to know your neighbors benefits all parties. Having neighbors looking out for your home while you are away can provide peace of mind that your home is well monitored at all times. You can even return the favor for them when they leave their house, keeping your neighborhood a much safer place to live in.
  • Thinking like a burglar: Walking around your premises and seeing easy spots in which a burglar could enter your home is extremely beneficial in helping your home become a more secure place to dwell in. You could even take it a step further and have a friend come over and try to “break” into your home. Let them identify the weak spots around your home that could give way to a home invasion.
  • Eliminating hiding spots around your home: Trim bushes and trims that surround your home, particularly around entry spots like your doors. The more hiding spots available to a burglar the more likely it will be that they will use the hiding spots to their advantage so that they can enter your home without being seen. 
  • Changing the locks on doors or access codes regularly: If you’ve given out keys or access codes to many people, make sure you change it up frequently enough that you don’t put your home under a risk of a home invasion. This is especially true if you have had labor workers visit your home or if you rent out your place on Airbnb, etc. Furthermore, if you bought your home from a previous owner and never changed the door locks now is the time. You have no idea what keys may be circulating around from the previous owner. It’s simply not worth the risk of unexpectedly finding out either!
  • Consider installing motion activated light sensors: Or keep your outside lights on all throughout the night. Because a burglar wants to commit their crime in private, the best way to mitigate this from happening is to make sure your home is well-lit at all times.
  • Putting signs on your yard that indicate you have a home alarm system installed: Yes, you already know that installing a home security system is the best way to protect your home, however, it’s equally beneficial to clearly display that you have a home security system installed in your home so that criminals will be easily deterred from attempting a break-in. 

Security Risk You Take When Not Installing a Home Security Device

Although a majority of break-ins occur when people are not home, the truth is that you shouldn’t assume that this would be the case for you and your family. In actuality, some criminals will still try to break into our home even if they know people are inside and may even have intention of harming the people inside. In fact, about 28% of home break-ins occur when someone is home and 7% of those break-ins brought violence upon a household member. Installing a home security system is an easy way to reduce your chances of becoming a part of this statistic as it can easily arm your device even when everyone is home. This means that any outside interferences trying to come inside your home will be met with a large beeping sound and alert emergency personnel immediately. Furthermore, with a security system you have the ability to spot the person trying to intrude before anything happens. This gives emergency personnel more to work with when trying to find the perpetrator, thus, decreasing the likelihood that that same person will try to break into your home or any other home in your area again. 

Security Companies That Can Lower Your Risk of a Home Invasion 

In order to give you the peace of mind that your home and family are being well protected at all times it is important that you take home security seriously. As such, installing a home security system is the best way to ensure everything that matters most to you is being safeguarded all day and night. 

If the reason you have been leery about installing a home security system is due to financial strain, the good news is that there is a company out there that leads the industry in top security measures while also being extremely affordable. Furthermore, you can end up saving money on your insurance, as well, by installing a home security system, saving you much, much more money than dealing with a break-in anyways. Reach out today and you can be on your way to a highly safe and protected home in no time at all.

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