How to Find the Best Home Security Companies in Dallas

With some of the highest crime rates in the U.S., it is no wonder that increasingly more people residing in Dallas are looking for security measures to help protect their homes and their loved ones. In fact, the chances of becoming a target for crime in Dallas is just 1 in 131, skyrocketing the average of 1 in 243 with any other city in Texas. Unfortunately, even with stricter enforcement personnel working tirelessly to decrease this crime rate, the rates just keep increasing. Because of this, it is imperative now more than ever that one take proactive steps to ensure their property and life are well protected. And while it is impossible to completely avoid crime, there are many factors and safety measures that one can take that will exponentially increase their chances of preventing crime, especially property crime, from occurring. One of the best ways to protect against property crime is through installing a high-quality security camera system in your home. Since successful burglaries most often occur in homes without security cameras compared to homes with security cameras, installing security measures is the best way to ensure your home is well protected. In fact, it is estimated that 1 in 3 homes fall victim to burglary when a security system is not installed compared to the 1 in 250 homes that have a successful burglary occur with a home alarm system installed.

In order to prevent being the 1 in 250 homes that fall prey to property crime even with an alarm system installed, you will need to make sure that you are equipping your home with an industry-leading security system from a top security company in Dallas. Furthermore, learning how to find the best company to install the system will ensure you and your home are safely secure and protected against any potential home invasions and burglaries.

What to Consider When Looking for the Best Home Security Companies in Dallas

Because Dallas is one of the highest crime rate cities in the U.S. it is essential that you take charge of the safety of your home and belongings by installing a security system in your home. However, since no two alarm systems are created equal, you will need to keep a few things in mind while looking for a home security system that best suits your needs and ensures your home is well protected. Some things to consider before running out and purchasing an alarm system are:

  • The home security company’s reputation: This is essential to know because unfortunately many alarm companies install home security systems that glitch or have the ability to be cyber attacked. This means that despite your best intentions to protect your home with a security device, you may be putting your home in more danger. In fact, if the alarm system is not encrypted, your home alarm system may be overridden by an attacker, thus opening up your home for a home invasion. Therefore, make sure you are only looking at home security companies that are well known to protect your home with high standard encryption methods.
  • How the alarm system operates if there is a power outage: What good is an alarm that stops operating if the power goes out? This obviously puts your home in risk of being invaded. Fortunately, many alarm system companies operate even if there is a power outage, however, it is best to confirm before moving forward with the company you are looking at.
  • The type of monitoring the company provides: Hate to break it to you but most of the time when you install an alarm system you are also signing up for depersonalized monitoring. What this entails is that after your alarm system is set up, your account most likely will be handed over to a third party company that will proceed with handling your questions and concerns. Not only will this company be managing all customers from your particular security company of choice, but they will also be managing multitudes of other companies. The third party is not involved in the day-to-day operations of alarm monitoring and thus, you suffer the consequences. Furthermore, going with a security company that only monitors their own customers can provide the extra safety and security that 24/7 monitoring has to provide. 
  • The features your home alarm system will offer: Worried about severe weather heading your way or a potential fire breaking out when you aren’t home? Rest assured knowing that certain alarm companies provide notifications for such disasters, helping you to better prepare for an emergency or notify emergency personnel if necessary. Furthermore, some alarm systems act as a smart home device, allowing you to turn on and off lights, adjust the thermostat, and check on your home from the convenience of your smartphone. Ask the company you are looking at what their alarm system has to offer so you can make sure you get all of the features you are looking for with just one device. 

The Top Home Security Companies in Dallas

Although there are many home security companies in Dallas that will boast as being the best in the industry, there is only one that has the reputation, experience, and knowledge of how to best protect your home and your family. Smith Thompson Home Security not only has the 40 years of experience to back up their high quality security camera devices but they have the in-house 24/7 monitoring that you need to feel peaceful and safe whether you are home or not. Furthermore, with cutting edge smart home features, like severe weather alerts and the ability to turn on and off lights and thermostat from your phone, you can rest assured knowing that not only is your safety well taken care of but that daily tasks will become more easy and convenient, saving you time and money in the long-run. 

Don’t delay giving your home the kind of protection it needs. Ensure you and your family are well protected from home invasions today. Call now and get a high-quality security system professionally installed and up and running in no time. You, your family, and your home deserve the industry-leading protection that only Smith Thompson can provide.

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