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There are roughly 3 million burglaries that occur throughout the U.S. every year. This equates to a burglary occurring almost every 13 seconds! Furthermore, over 60% of these burglaries are from home invasions, nearly all of which occur in homes without a home security system installed. To put this in greater perspective, it is estimated that 1 in 3 homes without a home security system fall prey to a burglary compared to the 1 in 250 homes that have a home alarm system. Unfortunately, one city that sees a lot of home invasions and property crime is San Antonio. Ranked as safer than only 5% of all other U.S. cities, San Antonio tops the chart as one of the most crime ridden cities in America. In fact, one’s chance of becoming a victim of property crime is only 1 in 25. Because the chances of falling prey to a home invasion is so great in this city, it would be a great benefit to anyone living in San Antonio to install a home security system in order to best protect their family and belongings. 

However, while it may now seem like common knowledge that installing a home security system could safeguard one from becoming a victim to property crime, it may seem overwhelming to find which alarm company would best protect you and your home. Additionally, while the statistics may speak for themselves, you may still wonder if installing a home security system is really worth it. Therefore, in order to mitigate any concerns you may have about installing a home security system in your home you will want to know why alarm systems are a necessity when trying to best protect your safety. Then, after understanding how security systems work to your benefit, learning how to pick the best security company to install and monitor your system will bring peace of mind that you truly are being well monitored and taken care of 24/7.

The Benefit of Security Companies Installing a Home Security Device in Your San Antonio Home 

Although installing a home security system has some obvious benefits, there are still some other reasons why installing a home alarm system in your home would be beneficial that you may have overlooked. Some of these additional benefits include:

  • Fire protection: Did you know that your home security system can double as an early warning system for a fire outbreak in your home? Because a home fire is reported about every twenty seconds in the U.S., this feature is extremely important in ensuring your home is well protected at all times. With this feature, a home security device can detect smoke in the home or other sources of heat and alert emergency personnel immediately if there is something that is potentially dangerous or destructive for your home and family. 
  • Notifications for severe weather: Some industry-leading alarm companies can install a home security system that can alert you when there is severe weather in your area. This feature will allow you and your family to seek immediate safety so that when the severe weather strikes your area you will be fully protected. 
  • Home automation features: Having smart home security is a great way to not only help protect your home but also to save you time and money. Because home automation can control things like your lights, door locks, thermostats, etc. you can easily turn off devices that aren’t being used with the convenience of your phone. This can help you save money in the long-run. 
  • Monitor your home from afar: Being able to remotely monitor your home can provide you with a great sense of peace and security, especially if you are leaving your home empty for longer durations of time, like for a vacation or a business trip. Furthermore, you can alarm your home so that you and emergency personnel will be notified immediately if there is someone trying to break into your home. Being able to capture footage of the perpetrator will also reduce the risk of the criminal trying to break into your home or another home in your surrounding community again. 

As these are just some of the many ways in which a home security system can provide you with great benefits to your home and budget, it may be useful to reach out to a home security system company in your area to find out more reasons why a device may work to your advantage. 

Top-Rated San Antonio Security Companies

Now that you understand why installing a home security company in your home may be in your greatest interest, you may feel the urge to rush out and buy any security device to quickly get on the road to greater protection and security. However, before you move too fast, it is essential to your safety that you understand that no two security companies are created equal. This means that you have to make sure that the company you end up going with not only meets your needs but exceeds all safety requirements you may have. One way to know if the company is right for you is to ask them how they are protecting your home against a potential attack or hacking. Unfortunately, many alarm companies skip quality standards when it comes to protecting your device against a potential hack. Therefore, ensure your security system has a military-grade encrypted network that is virtually impossible for even the most professional criminals to hack. 

Furthermore, you will want to go with a company that uses industry-leading equipment along with decades of expert experience in monitoring your home. As such, finding a company that monitors your home 24/7 through their company means is essential to guaranteeing not only your home is being well safeguarded against an attack but you are also getting the high quality customer service you’ve been looking for. 

Although it may seem overwhelming to find the perfect security company to protect your San Antonio home, it doesn’t have to be. Reach out to the industry-leading security company, Smith Thompson Home Security, today and have the peace of mind that your home and family are being protected better than all of the rest. 

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