Perimeter Security: Making Sure Your Home is Protected Inside and Out

Unfortunately, the good old days when there was little fear to leave your doors unlocked are over. Instead, we live in a day and age where property crime and home invasions are so commonplace that a majority of them don’t even make the news anymore. In fact, in 2019 there were an estimated 7 million property crimes committed in the U.S., with nearly 700,000 of those committed in Texas alone. 

As such, it is no wonder why increasingly more people are looking for ways to ensure their home, family, and belongings are safe and protected from a potential intrusion. In order to effectively do this, many people are turning to home security devices as a means to safeguard the things they most care about. In particular, more and more people are looking to secure the perimeter of their home as a means to deter burglars from entering their premises to begin with. 

In this article we will explore the benefits of investing in security for the perimeter of your home along with some easy tips on how to best protect your home. Lastly, we will explore the top companies in the industry that can best secure your home and property. 

Benefits of Perimeter Security to Protect Your Home

Of course, one of the greatest benefits of installing a security device that can monitor the perimeter of your home is that it provides a wider range of protection for you and your home. Outdoor security cameras typically have a greater range of motion and are more adaptable to adjusting for daytime and nighttime modes, which can greatly increase the level of security and protection a home is under. As such, by installing security cameras outside your home you have a greater opportunity to catch any unauthorized intruders before they have a chance to try accessing your home.

Furthermore, these perimeter security cameras can be tremendously helpful for police when they are searching for criminals. By providing recorded footage of the intruder in the act, a police has a greater chance of catching the burglar before they can commit further crime. This can not only give you greater peace of mind that they won’t come back to attempt another break-in at a later time but that they won’t be roaming around your neighborhood or surrounding neighborhoods trying to commit a similar crime. 

Perimeter Security Tips 

Fortunately, securing the perimeter of your home can be easy to do and affordable. Here are some nearly effortless and cost-effective tips on how to best protect your home from a potential intrusion:

  • Install proper lighting: Because many burglars are looking to remain hidden from sight when committing their crime, keeping your property well-lit will ensure they have little opportunity to remain unexposed. Some of the best places to invest in good lighting is your front door, around your garage, and around any access points around your home. Ensuring these spots are well-lit will tremendously reduce your chances of a successful burglary from occurring. 
  • Ensure your outdoor landscape is well maintained: Once again, since burglars like finding spots to hide out in, it is essential that you eliminate or reduce the number of hiding spots they can take advantage of. Because having overgrown landscaping, especially trees and bushes near access points of your home, can greatly increase your chances of someone being able to hide out, keeping a well-trimmed landscape can mitigate an intruder from finding a hiding spot on your property. 
  • Making sure doors are properly working and locked: Yes, it may seem obvious that locking your doors is one of the greatest ways to protect your home from an invasion, however, when was the last time you walked around your home and checked to see if all doors were working properly? Sometimes the things we just assume are working are often the greatest pitfall to a break-in from occurring. Along these lines, if you bought your home from a previous owner, changing the locks on the doors needs to be your first priority, as you will have no idea what keys to your home are in circulation from the previous homeowner. These simple steps can significantly increase the level of protection your home is under. 
  • Installing a home security system: As previously mentioned, one of the greatest and most effective ways to ensure your home is well protected against intruders is to install a home security system in and around your home. Home security systems can alert you and emergency personnel immediately if there is an unwelcome visitor on your property, greatly reducing your chances of becoming a victim to their crime. Furthermore, a burglar is more likely to be deterred from committing a crime on your property if they see security cameras installed. As such, even just having a sign that states you have security cameras on your property can detract an intruder from stepping onto your property in the first place.

Best Perimeter Security Companies 

Although there are many simple, proactive steps you can take to protect your home, one of the most effective ways is to install a home security system in and around your home. In fact, a home security system is so effective that a majority of the break-ins reported in the U.S. come from homes that do not have a security system installed in their home. Therefore, investing in one can significantly decrease your chances of a successful burglary from occurring. 

In order to best protect your home with a security device, you will want to know what security companies on the market are leading the industry in quality products and services. Fortunately, you don’t have to search for the perfect company to meet and exceed your needs any longer, as there is only one that has industry-leading security devices along with the decades of security experience to back it up. Smith Thompson Home Security has been leading the security industry for 42 years with their security expertise and top-of-the-line security devices.

Reach out today if you’re ready to take the safety and security of your home to the next level. You, your home, and your family deserve the peace of mind that a high-quality security device can give you.

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