How a Perimeter Alarm System Can Help Protect Your Home

Your home is more than just a house, condo, or apartment, and it is more than simply where you keep your stuff. Your home is your sanctuary. The sacred space where you and your family rest and take comfort. It helps to protect them and you from the elements, both environmental and human. While most people feel safest when they are at home, there is an incredible number of activities that can happen there that can violate that sense of safety and security.

In data furnished by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, homes that lack a recognizable security system have a chance of being the target of burglary or other possible petty or violent crimes. Perimeter security is a rather broad term that is used to describe a method of home security that is more proactive.

What is a Perimeter Alarm?

A perimeter alarm is a system that utilizes several types of sensors to secure all possible points of entry. Frequently they will use infrared sensors, passive infrared sensors, laser, or other light-detecting sensors to surround the property and monitor both inside and outside. 

Whenever movement is detected by the sensors, they communicate with the alarm system and perform prescribed behavior after that. Often the alarm system can be programmed to perform any number of tasks, for example, when the perimeter is breached, it can simply send a notification, or it can sound an alarm, or perhaps begin recording video and audio of the premises. 

In most cases, the perimeter alarm sensors will protect the walls, windows, and door of your home, with a potential extension of the monitoring capabilities out as far as potential security cameras and sensors can detect. A single camera on the door or driveway will only offer security to the area that a specific camera can see. Additional motion sensors can extend this detection range to a large degree. 

A perimeter alarm system can be useful for any home, but they are of particular effectiveness when used to secure properties that have larger areas, longer driveways, and more infrastructure blended with the open space. For properties like this, it is often difficult to effectively secure them with traditional or conventional indoor home security systems.

One of the ways to make sure that you have the proper mix of sensors, cameras, and other equipment you need to create the optimal security system, is to work with a security firm or contractor. Professionals are able to help build a plan to ensure the protection of the entire property and included assets, with no blind spots or lapses in coverage.

Benefits of Using a Perimeter Alarm 

There are a host of benefits that come with the effective use of a perimeter alarm system. There is, of course, the early warning of any suspicious or illegal behavior. Even a little warning can mean drastic changes in safety. Users can also gain the benefit of the visual deterrent effect. If there are some cameras that are purposely allowed to remain visible, they can significantly reduce the chances of someone trying to violate your private space.

If there are children in the home, a perimeter alarm can be utilized to keep them from wandering or getting to dangerous situations. This can include alarm notification if a child exits the house, or enters the gated pool area.

Depending on agency and policy particulars, there may also be insurance benefits linked to the enhanced security. Often there are discounts for homes that have enhanced security measures like perimeter alarms and closed-circuit television monitoring and recording.

Alarm Security & Other Ways to Protect Your Perimeter 

In addition to a central alarm system, there are a number of other ways that you can protect the perimeter of your property. First, you will need to survey your entire perimeter, then you will need to secure your fences and walls, as well as your gateways, doorways, and other points of entry into the home itself.

Survey Your Perimeter

  • Create a survey of your perimeter, make a visual plan if the scale requires it
  • Identify doors, gates, windows, and points of entry
  • Measure your fencing and walls, and evaluate for climbing risk
  • Note locations of utilities or drain pipes outside of the building that can be climbed

Secure Your Walls And Fences

  • Installing climb-resistant fencing – This can be used in lieu of chain link fencing and is highly resistant to climbing.
  • Wall toppers – These are physical deterrents to climbing a wall. Some are spikes, some are rollers that prevent straddling the wall. There are several varieties to choose from.
  • Anti-climb paint – Anti-climb paint is a special petroleum-based paint that does not dry and remains slippery. This prevents the likelihood of burglary or vandalism
  • Secure rooflines – This is a frequently overlooked area of possible intrusion. Burglars or other intruders will sometimes target a low roofline or an area of the roof that may be able to be reached by using nearby items in the environment. Be sure that you are aware of any low eves you may have, and be sure they cannot be climbed.

Secure Doors, Windows, And Other Access Points

These are usually the most obvious ones, but they can be neglected. Be careful to take note of all windows, regardless of size. Ensure that any door or gate that can open has a lock and is monitored by the alarm.

The Best Alarm Company to Secure Your Perimeter

When you set out to secure your perimeter, you want to make sure it’s done right. Security is not the place to cut corners. With that in mind, be sure you are using a company with a solid reputation for creating solid security solutions that are able to scale to your needs and budgetary constraints.

Smith Thompson is a family owned and operated business that offers complete security solutions and top-tier monitoring for a price that makes it a sound investment. The largest independent alarm company in Texas. With decades of experience and industry-leading security devices, Smith Thompson has the ability to transform your home into a safe haven, free from possible intrusions or privacy threats. 

The security of your home is essential to the safety of everything you most care about. Reach out today and be on the way to a more secure, and thus, a more peaceful life right now.

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