How to Upgrade Your Home to an Intelligent Home

Does it seem like life just keeps getting busier as time goes on? If you’re anything like most Americans, it may even feel like there’s little time to do the things you want to do and be with the people that matter most to you. As such, you may wish that things could just be simpler, maybe even like “the good old days” before all of this ever-advancing technology was developed. 

However, simply getting rid of technology does not seem to provide the answer, as it has become virtually impossible to escape it. We rely on our cellphones, laptops, and other devices not only for personal matters but, for many of us, for our business and livelihoods. Therefore, instead of trying to escape the world of technology because we think our lives could be simpler without it, maybe we can use it to bring more convenience into our lives instead. For example, by utilizing the technological advancements that automate and control features around your home, you can optimize your life so that you can spend more time focusing on things that you value the most. Furthermore, with smart home features, you can safeguard your home more effectively, thus, bringing you more peace of mind. Because we all know that worrying can be extremely taxing to your energy, having “smart home” safety features that protect your home for you is one of the best ways to free up your time! 

In order to get on the bandwagon of creating an intelligent home to optimize your life, let’s first dive into what exactly an “intelligent” home is and what the benefits are of making your home into a smart home. Then we can look at which smart home companies on the market today can best help you to create this type of home so that you can quickly be on your way to creating the smart home of your dreams. 

What is an Intelligent Home?

An “intelligent home”, also called a “smart home”, is a home that is designed around making your life easier. This typically includes a number of devices that are installed in or around your home that are meant to automate tasks that are normally carried out by humans. All of these devices have the duty of performing small tasks around the house so that you do not have to do them yourself, thus, helping you to save more time to do the things you actually enjoy doing. Some examples of tasks that a smart home may be able to perform include turning on and off lights, closing and opening a garage door, locking and unlocking doors, and controlling a thermostat all from the convenience of one’s smartphone. Although all of these features may seem small, the truth is that they all add up. Therefore, having devices automate these things for you can save you much more time than you think! 

Benefits of Creating an Intelligent Home

There is much more to having an intelligent home than meets the eye. Some other reasons why having a smart home is beneficial for you, your well-being, and your pocketbook include: 

  • A smart home can help you save money on your electricity bill: Yes, a smart home can actually help you save money, especially in the long run. If you forget to turn off lights in your home for a long duration of time, especially if it happens frequently, you will see a spike in your electricity bill. Having a smart home connected to your smartphone device can mitigate these costs as you can check to see if you turned off your lights upon exiting your home with just a click of a button. Then, you can turn them off if needed. 
  • A smart home can keep your family safe: One of the greatest benefits of installing a smart home device is that many of them can be paired with a home security system. In fact, the peace of mind often gained from just this feature alone can make installing a smart home device in your home worth it. As such, having a security system linked to your smartphone device can alert you and police if there is an unauthorized visitor trying to break in, protecting your home, family, and belongings no matter what time of day it is. Furthermore, with just a click of a button you can log into your camera system from a remote location and view what is going on in and around your home. This can be greatly beneficial when you are off on vacation or when the kids arrive home from school before you get off work. 
  • An intelligent home can protect your home: Besides being able to deter a burglary from successfully occurring, a smart home device can alert you if there is another emergency that may need your immediate attention. One of these emergencies may include your home catching on fire. A smart home device can detect changes in the air quality that could give rise to a fire and will alert emergency responders immediately. Because it only takes 30 seconds for a small fire to break out into a full blown fire, time is of the essence. Having a smart home device monitor any potential hazards so that a fire can be prevented is one of the greatest gifts to your serenity that you can give to yourself and your family. 

Best Companies to Create an Intelligent Home for You 

As there are many intelligent/smart home devices and companies on the market today, it may feel a bit overwhelming to navigate which unique products will best serve your needs and desires. Fortunately, however, the search for the perfect company doesn’t have to be an energy drain or burden on you as there is only one company that leads the industry in creating the highest quality smart home and security devices. By combining the best of both worlds, the convenience factors of a smart home and the safety factors of a security device, you will be well on your way to creating the most technologically advanced and safest home of your dreams.

You can create the home you’ve always wanted within a price that you can afford. Give us a call and we will have you well on your way to creating a simpler and safer lifestyle today.

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