How Pairing an Indoor Motion Sensor Light With a Home Security Device Can Best Protect Your Home

Home security is one of the most important things you can do to protect your home, your property, and yourself. While they are frequently used to protect against those who would violate your personal space with the aim to either steal or do you harm, even those who would simply vandalize your property, they can also be used to secure your property and life against environmental hazards like fires, burst pipes, floods, and more.

There are countless products on the market that help facilitate the average person creating a security system for their property themselves. There are cameras, alarms, recording systems, infrared sensors, lights, and much much more. Setting up a home security system can often be a complex, expensive, and time-consuming project to take on by yourself, or even with the help of a friend. 

There are professional services, however, that endeavor to make the task of securing your home and property much simpler than you may be used to. They will often feature the most recent and up to date technology and will be experienced at evaluating the security needs of your property. They will also be able to arrange for the efficient and professional installation and monitoring of your system. 

What is an Indoor Motion Sensor Light?

In the simplest sense, an indoor motion sensor light is a light meant for the interior of a home, and is activated when the motion sensor is triggered. They range in size and application to a large extent. 

There are some indoor motion sensor lights that are only a small single bulb attached to the sensor itself. Applications that may see indoor motion sensor lights of this size would be an overhead light on a porch that activates when someone steps onto the porch. Another example of a small unit would be the sensors in some public restrooms that mistakenly turn the lights off if you take too long. They can be used in tighter areas, or areas where there may only be a small area in which to capture or sense the motion.

Other indoor motion sensor lights can be larger systems that are activated by one of possibly multiple sensors, and activate either a single light or possibly an array of lights. An example of this type of application would be a sensor or multiple sensors in a large open floor plan area or large garage or workshop, where when one of the sensors is triggered, several large floodlights activate to illuminate the area more than a single small unit would.

indoor motion sensor lights come in several different varieties, based on the type of sensor that is used to detect the movement. The most common types of sensors include:

  • Passive Infrared (PIR)
  • Active Infrared (Also referred to as “area reflective”)
  • Photoelectric
  • Microwave
  • Dual Technology (May combine two other types for increased range or functionality)

When these sensors are paired with a compatible light they turn the light on when motion is detected, and a predetermined amount of time after the movement stops, before turning back off again. Sometimes there is a provision or mechanism to turn the light or lights on manually, but that is not always the case and will depend on the manufacturer and the model involved.

Benefits of an Indoor Motion Sensor Light

One of the primary benefits of using indoor motion sensor lights is that you seldom have to worry about activating them. They are extremely reliable and consistent in their detection abilities and can be used to light the way ahead of entry. They are also a relatively effective visual deterrent for intruders, who may notice a light come on when triggering a sensor, and be less likely to intrude.

They can also indicate the presence of movement in an empty house. If you and your family are away, and you come home to activated indoor motion sensor lights, it can be an indication that there may have been an intrusion. 

Indoor motion sensor lights are also indispensable if for general safety, particularly with small children or even elderly family members in the home. Indoor motion sensor lights can mean automatically lighting up the stairs or bathroom at night, making navigation safer. 

One additional way that indoor motion sensor lights can benefit you, is the energy savings. With the lighting operation dependent on motion in the area, lights turn on for you, but they also turn off automatically when you leave. This reduces the chances of forgetting to turn off the light when you leave the room and reduces your energy expenditure.

How Pairing Your Indoor Motion Sensor Light With a Home Security Device Can Keep You Safe

Utilizing indoor motion sensor lights with your home security devices can be a force multiplier when protecting your home and assets. By combining indoor motion sensor lights with cameras, for example, you do not need to rely on only infrared footage. You can count on your cameras to obtain the clearest image possible because while the intruder wouldn’t turn on the light, the motion sensors did.

Best Companies That Can Help You Utilize the Benefits of an Indoor Motion Sensor Light

There are a lot of ways to effectively use an indoor motion sensor light to augment your security system and add to your home’s protection. One of the most productive and cost-effective ways is to work with a respected security firm that is familiar with all of the various permutations in security equipment and who can design a high-quality home security system. 

A company like Smith Thompson will work with you to create a security solution that fits your needs and keeps you and your family safe. Once your system has been designed and installed, they are also able to offer monitoring services. Not only are they a family owned and family operated company, but they are the largest independent alarm company in the state of Texas.

Getting the highest quality, industry-leading security device installed right now can not only effectively protect your home, but can also give you the peace of mind that you deserve. Reach out today if you are ready to take control of the security of your home and, thus, be on the road to a safer, more peaceful tomorrow right now.

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