How to Define Your Business’s Security Needs

When you consider the essential tools that your business needs to succeed, the first things that come to mind are the right tools and the right people to complete the work. If you have both of these things, then everything else may seem like a convenience. However, those who have seen their businesses fail will point out several other factors that can quickly destroy your profit margins and eliminate any chance your business has to succeed. One of those most significant areas is in protecting your assets, both in terms of the physical resources and your employees themselves.

Small businesses are especially vulnerable to security issues, as they usually don’t have enough excess capital to absorb significant losses, unlike larger enterprises. Nevertheless, there are costs associated with an effective business security system, so these small businesses must make difficult choices regarding where to allocate their limited funds. Smith Thompson Home Security recognizes the challenges that small businesses face, so we work with them to develop business security monitoring systems that both protect their assets and their bottom line.

What Are the Most Frequent Security Risks for Businesses?

As security experts, we have extensive experience working with small businesses to meet their security needs. There are several kinds of systems that we design, and each incorporates different technologies to create a secure environment for the company and its employees. Ultimately, our systems address several common risks that we see in many businesses:

  • Doors – As the primary way that your employees and visitors enter the building, doors are also potential weak points for unwanted entry. Thieves have several ways to enter through doors, including breaking them down and picking the lock. In addition to the possibility that they may overcome the built-in protection that any door offers, it is also possible for your staff to improperly close or lock the door, leading to a situation where someone gains access through your building without even having to break in.

  • Unconventional Access – Doors are not the only way that thieves could enter your building. Windows represent another common way that people enter businesses, as the glass is vulnerable to bricks and stones. If you share your building with other companies, then access hallways can also prove to be potential risks.

  • Internal Theft – Sometimes, the security risk doesn’t come from the outside. Despite most employees being trustworthy, there are still some who may violate your trust and steal company assets. Otherwise, you may find that vendors’ delivery staff and other third parties that enter your building on official business could abuse that trust if you lack the proper security.

While there are many ways that your business is vulnerable, these three main approaches highlight the most important avenues that your business security and monitoring system should address.

How Smith Thompson Home Security Addresses These Risks

We customize solutions for our clients to address their unique needs. While the different ways that thieves and other troublemakers may access your business vary depending on your location, our solutions involve technological methods that efficiently protect your business. Consider some standard tools that we use in our systems:

  • Door and Window Sensors – These sensors monitor and log all entry to your building through each potential access point. We attach these sensors to subtle locations on the interior of your doors and windows so that any entry triggers the system to take notice. If such entry occurs during hours that your system is active, we can alert authorities and respond immediately to this illegal access.

  • Motion Sensors – Even if someone manages to gain entry without triggering one of the earlier sensors, you can augment the system with motion sensors. These sensors will detect any time that someone is moving throughout your business and trigger the alarm if you don’t confirm that someone is supposed to be on site.

  • CCTV Cameras – These cameras record footage to protect you in two ways. First, it can help to gather evidence that you can use to press charges and seek a legal remedy for any damages if someone steals from you. Second, these cameras can produce evidence so that your insurance company fulfills your claims and reimburses you for the real value of anything that was lost.

  • Cellular Transmitters – A security system doesn’t do any good when disconnected. Thus, we ensure that we can monitor your systems 24/7 even if someone cuts the phone or internet cables to your business.

Building a Relationship One Day at a Time

Your business deserves the best protection possible to ensure that you, your employees, and your assets remain safe. Our comprehensive 24-hour monitoring service puts the best business security and monitoring technologies at your service to protect you from any security threat. We know that when our clients feel truly safe, then we’re succeeding at our job. When it comes to security systems, success is measured one day at a time, so we strive to build that positive relationship that will give you the protection you need to accomplish the work you need to do. Contact us today to discuss how we can protect your business and schedule a consultation with one of our security professionals.

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