How to Change Your Glass Break Detector Battery

A glass break detector is an important component of a reliable home security system. The windows or glass doors of your home lend beauty and natural light to the space, but they can also act as the vulnerable spots in its defenses. Someone who wants to get into your home will often target a window because windows are easy to break and are usually not as securely monitored by alarm or security systems as doors or door locks.

At Smith Thompson Home Security, we help homeowners fill in these weak links in their home security by providing glass break detectors. A glass break detector monitors your windows or glass doors in real time. If a window is broken, the detector will measure the frequency at which the glass was shattered. This measurement can determine whether the window was broken by accident or on purpose, which can, in turn, tell your security system whether an intruder is attempting to gain entry to the home.

Keeping Your Glass Break Detector Operational

Glass break detectors from Smith Thompson Home Security are battery-powered devices that use CR 123A batteries to stay operational. When these batteries run low or die, they can compromise the security of your home by leaving your windows unmonitored. Getting in the habit of changing out these batteries regularly will allow you to keep your home safer at all times. Your unit will typically alert you if/when your batteries are on their last legs. Watch for a flashing red light on your glass break detector unit to clue you into the status of your batteries.

The good news is that replacing the batteries in your glass break detector is easy. First, you will need to get your hands on replacement batteries. While CR 123A batteries are not as conventional as AA or AAA batteries, they are still fairly easy to find. Most drugstores or grocery stores will stock them, and you will always be able to find them at your nearest RadioShack or Batteries Plus. Alternatively, you can order CR 123A batteries online from Amazon, Walmart, or other retailers that have an online presence.

To replace the batteries in your Smith Thompson glass break detector, you will need to remove the device from its wall mount unit. To do so, all you need to do is slide the device in the direction that the line on the case is pointing—usually to the right. The device should slide easily until it releases from the wall mount base. Once you have removed the unit from the wall, turn the detector over. You should see two batteries installed in the unit. Pay attention to the direction of the positive and negative ends on the batteries, so that you can install them in the same directions.

Next, remove the batteries. Note that the batteries in Smith Thompson glass break detectors can sometimes be very tight and difficult to remove. If you can’t get them to release, trying using a small flathead screwdriver to jimmy them loose.

Discard the old batteries and remove a pair of fresh CR 123A batteries from the packaging to prepare for installation. Check the expiration date on your batteries, to make sure they are still good to use. If they are, insert the new batteries into your glass break detector device, taking care to match the positive and negative ends to the appropriate terminals. The batteries will lock into place.

Finally, line up the mounting tabs on your glass break detector with the corresponding slots in the wall mount bracket. Slide the device back into place, as it was originally. The red light on the outside of your detector device may continue flashing for up to 15 minutes. Provided the new batteries you inserted are good, the light should stop flashing soon.

Low or dead batteries in your glass break detector can also trip the trouble light on your primary home security keypad. If the trouble light came on around the time that your glass break detector light began flashing, it should also turn off now that you have replaced the battery. It can sometimes take up to 30 minutes for the trouble light to reset, so give it some time. If the problem light is still illuminated after 30 minutes, though, you should call the Smith Thompson service department to troubleshoot. There could be another issue with your system tripping the light.

A glass break detector can be an essential element of your home security system, especially if you have a lot of windows or glass doors on the main floor of your house. Installing a glass break detector to monitor your windows will shore up your defenses at these vulnerable entry points. However, remember that your glass break detector is only as good as the batteries that supply its power. To ensure that your home remains secure consistently, you need to pay attention to your detector and watch for the flashing red warning light that indicates low battery. Having a box of CR 123A batteries on hand, to replace the batteries in your detector when they run low is always smart. Follow the steps discussed above to get your detector back up and running with an appropriate power source. Contact Smith Thompson Home Security if you have any questions.

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