How Does Hacking Work? Keeping Your Home Safe From an Intrusion

Home security cameras are a great way to keep your home safe from intruders. Unfortunately, however, they can also be vulnerable to privacy invasions if a hacker can access your internet connection. It’s no wonder, then, that many people are skeptics when it comes to installing a home security camera in their home. Do they really work or are they more of a threat to one’s safety and privacy? That’s the question many people wonder when considering investing in a home security camera/system. 

Fortunately, home security devices are still one of the most beneficial and effective ways to ensure your home is well secured and monitored at all times. The key, however, to guaranteeing that a home security device works to one’s benefit instead of harm lies in how the security device is connected to the internet. Therefore, by investing in a security device from an industry-leading security company that knows how to safeguard your internet connection, you will, in fact, be effectively protecting your home against all intrusions and privacy breaches. 

But first, before diving into the best security companies to ensure your home security device is working for your good instead of harm, it may be useful to learn what exactly hacking is and how it works. Then, you can be equipped with the knowledge you need to make the most appropriate choice on which security company and device will best suit your safety and protection needs.

What is Hacking and How Does It Work?

Hacking refers to any activity in which the goal is to compromise digital devices, like computers, smartphones, or even an entire network. Although all hacking isn’t necessarily for malicious purposes, generally speaking, a majority of it is characterized as unlawful. As such, hacking is typically motivated by a financial gain, information gathering/spying, or even as a “fun challenge” by a person wanting to see if they can do it. Some things hackers may be looking to accomplish when hacking a network could include things like: 

  • Steal money and open up new credit cards and bank accounts in your name
  • Sell your information for illicit purposes
  • Use your Social Security number
  • Make purchases
  • Gain access to your credit

When referring to home security, many hackers are looking to hack the homeowner’s network in order to either spy on the family inside or to gain access to the home as to carry out a burglary. 

To put it simply, a seasoned hacker has clever tactics in order to help them gain access to information that you want to keep private, such as the code to unlock your home. 

As you can see, hackers can pose a serious threat to their incident victims. So, you may wonder, how exactly does a hacker actually hack a system? In particular, how does a home security system get hacked?

While there are many ways in which hackers can obtain personal information, typically speaking a hacker most easily gains access through your camera or wireless router. One way they can do this is through something called credential stuffing. This way of hacking is performed through a hacker collecting exposed login credentials from data breaches, typically provided for when a similar name/password combination is used on multiple websites. The hacker then can utilize software programs to unlock this combo to gain access to multiple accounts sharing these credentials. 

Another method often used by hackers is credential cracking. Credential cracking is an automated attack on passwords by going through all possible combinations of characters in a particular sequence. Much like credential stuffing, credential cracking is often used by gaining access to leaked or commonly used login information. Then, through the use of specialized software, can a hacker unlock the true password, as to gain access to your home. 

Because both types of attacks leave your home vulnerable to a home invasion, it is, therefore, vital to your safety and protection that you learn how to keep your information private so that a hacker cannot gain access to your home. 

How to Keep Your Home Security System Safe From Hacking

Although home security devices are a great way to best protect your home, family, and belongings, if the network connection between the device and internet are compromised then your family is put under a risk of a home invasion. As such, taking proactive measures to best protect your home will greatly diminish your chances of your home being under attack. Some ways to ensure your home is well secure include:

  • Guaranteeing your connection is of military-grade encryption: One of the key ways to ensure your network doesn’t get hacked is to make sure your device is linked to military-grade encryption. As such, when a network is unencrypted, the chances of a hack occurring are significantly increased. Think of it this way: encryption is like a mailbox without a mail slot. Anybody who wants to leave or read a message needs to have a key to the mailbox. Therefore, by utilizing military-grade encryption one can ensure their connection will be well protected against any hacking. 
  • Making sure your network utilizes Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS): This is one of the greatest ways to ensure your network connection will be well secure and protected against an attack. FHSS works by changing the frequency of a transmission fast enough that unauthorized eavesdropping on the connection is virtually impossible. Think of FHSS as this: Imagine a car driving down a multi-lane highway. The driver continuously and rapidly changes lanes as they drive. If one of the lanes is blocked the car will avoid the obstacle because its continuously changing lanes. Much the same way, FHSS works to change the transmission fast enough so that an intruder can not hack your connection. 

Although you may have the knowledge now about how to best protect your home from an invasion, you may feel overwhelmed finding a security company that can best secure your home from a hacker. Fortunately, there is one security company that leads the industry in military-grade encryption and protection measures, ensuring your home is safe and secure at all times of the day. Reach out today and see what a difference investing in a home security device that utilizes the highest-level protection measures can do to your peace of mind right now.

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