What is Grand Larceny & How to Protect You & Your Business Against It

In its most narrow sense, grand larceny is the theft of property over a set value threshold. In many areas, this threshold can be as low as $1,000, while in Texas grand larceny is theft of any personal property valued between $500 and $1,500. Charges of grand larceny can also be pursued if any one of the following conditions is true:

  • The property was taken from the owner without their express consent.
  • The property was accepted knowing that it was obtained through theft. 
  • The property was presented as stolen by an agent of a law enforcement agency, and an individual takes the property believing that it is stolen.

This means that if someone breaks into your home and steals and personal property valued at least $500, they can be charged with grand larceny. These charges can continue to escalate to more serious felonies as the value of the stolen property increases. Once the value of the stolen property is above $1,500, the offender can begin facing a minimum of ten years, and up to 99 years in prison.

These charges can be exacerbated even further if there are additional aggravating elements. These can include if the victim is elderly or a non-profit organization, or if there was a pre-existing relationship between the victim and the offender. If the offender was anyone in a public service position who used their position to commit the crime.

Differences Between Grand Larceny, Burglary, Theft, and Robbery

The terms are often used somewhat interchangeably in the media and by the public, there are distinct differences between larceny, grand larceny, burglary, and robbery. Often it depends on other factors involved with the crime. Here are some more details about each.

Grand Larceny

Grand larceny is a charge that results from escalating a charge of larceny or theft. Often it is the felony version of theft that is the result of crossing a monetary threshold set by the prosecuting district.


Burglary is the illegal entering of a building or other structure in order to commit another crime, such as theft. While breaking and entering can be a component, it does not necessitate the breaking of a window or other forceful entry. The entry can be through an unlocked opening, or even using a key not authorized.

The type of structure does not matter, it can be a business, a home, a rental property, even a temporary structure like a tent, or a vehicle. Also, in order for it to be classified as a burglary, the crimes do not need to be successful.


Theft is simply taking the property of another individual, with the intent of depriving its owner of its use permanently. Generally, it is applied to the taking of personal property, currency, or other valuables, and is not commonly used for things like real property or parcels of land. Commonly, the owner will not be aware of the theft until after it has been taken. 

Theft is usually considered a misdemeanor unless it crosses a particular monetary threshold set by the local jurisdiction. In cases like these, it will often be upgraded to a felony and may become a different charge, such as Grand Larceny. If this increase in charge severity does occur, the penalties both monetary and potential incarceration will increase accordingly.


Robbery is often differentiated from other charges of similar nature, by robbery being classified as a violent crime. Robbery is the act of one person taking from another, but it must involve either injury or physical violence, or the use of a threat of such in the course of the robbery.

Robbery charges are frequently straightforward, but they can be escalated to charges of Aggravated Battery, often when the use of a weapon is involved. This can increase the charges to felonies, and can significantly raise the fines and possible jail time. 

Best Ways to Protect Yourself from Grand Larceny

The best ways to protect yourself from grand larceny are going to be largely proactive, and not reactive. You can protect yourself from grand larceny while out, by not wearing any expensive or flashy jewelry, and by making sure your personal vehicle, as well as company vehicles, have sufficient security measures to prevent its theft.

The primary locations that you would need to protect against grand larceny, however, are your home and business. There are a number of steps that you can take to protect your home, your property, and your business. You can outfit your home and property with a home security system. By using the latest technology you can secure your personal and business assets against those who would steal them given the opportunity.

You can utilize state-of-the-art components like motion sensors, video recording, and CCTV systems, and even automation to ensure that your valuables are kept safe both while you’re home and while you’re away. Many of these components can be sourced from a leading DFW home security company. Having them professionally installed will ensure even greater protection against an invasion. 

Motion sensors can help protect your business by making sure that the area is clearly and brightly lit when motion is detected. These are powerful deterrents to casual criminals who are primarily drawn to crimes of opportunity. To go to the next level, you can utilize video recording equipment like CCTV cameras and digital video recorders to capture any illicit activity that the motion sensors illuminate. Automation can be added to notify you and authorities as well.

Many people choose to leverage a security company when dealing with larger security systems, in particular systems that protect business assets. Often it is best left up to experienced professionals to design and build the proper system so that you can ensure nothing is forgotten or neglected. Not only will they install and maintain the system for you, but they will frequently offer monitoring services for a fee. This is the best line of defense from grand larceny.

If you are ready to experience the peace of mind that having a top-of-the-line security system can provide, the time to get one professionally installed is now. Reach out to an industry-leading security system company that can get you on the path to a safer, more secure future right now.

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