Why You Need to Pair Your Fire Protection System to a Home Security Device to Best Protect Your Home

A fire protection system can be anything from a single smoke detector to an entire smoke and fire detection system, with chemical suppression and remote monitoring. A fire protection system, at the very least, should monitor for possible air quality issues or other indicators of fire and should notify property owners or authorized monitoring personnel of the events.

In many residential situations, this consists of air quality monitoring and smoke detection equipment, connected to home automation and remote monitoring and security services. If there is a smoke condition, whether the source is a smoldering or flaming fire, the sensors in the home will notify the homeowner as well as the monitoring service. The homeowners can use their home automation equipment to visually inspect the interior and exterior of the home, and the monitoring service can have the fire department dispatched if needed.

Fire protection systems can be incredibly helpful and valuable assets for both residential and commercial environments. They can help property and assets remain safe and secure in case the unthinkable happens and a fire breaks out when there is nobody there to summon help.

How Does a Fire Protection System Work?

To get the most out of your fire protection system, it is important to understand how they work. While there are many different types of fire protection systems that all function in a variety of ways, the goal of each one is the same. Their goal is to detect the earliest signs of a possible fire and issue warnings or alerts that help ensure the safety of the building, the building’s occupants, as well as any assets that are potentially on-site.

One of the common components of a fire protection system, and probably one of the best-known, is the smoke detector. Smoke detectors have a fairly obvious function, they detect the smoke from a potential fire, and they are usually available in two common types, photoelectric and ionization. They have slightly different ways of operating and each has its pros and cons.

  • Photoelectric smoke alarms – Photoelectric smoke alarms are most effective with fires that smolder and have a longer startup phase. These are often referred to simply as “smoldering fires”. An example of a smoldering fire would be an ember or cinder in a trashcan, that slowly builds over time, causing other items to smolder, and eventually catching fire and becoming a flaming fire.

Photoelectric smoke alarms work by utilizing a sensing “chamber”, that has a sensor as well as a light source. The light is aimed away from the sensor, and if smoke enters the sensing chamber it causes the light to reflect onto the sensor, triggering the alarm. 

  • Ionization smoke alarm – Ionization smoke alarms are incredibly effective at detecting flaming fires. These are fires that flare up spontaneously and spread quickly, consuming a lot of fuel. Examples of this that you may see in a home or business might include a tipped-over or badly placed lit candle, stovetop cooking mishap, or even a small space heater that is placed a little close to the office wall. 

Ionization smoke alarms work by having an incredibly tiny amount of radioactive material located between two plates that carry an electrical charge. The air between the plates becomes ionized as a result, and creates an air current in the ionization chamber. When smoke enters this chamber due to the air current, it hampers the ionization and slows the air current. This activates the alarm.

Another component of a fire protection system, particularly in a business environment, is active protection methods like sprinklers or chemical suppression systems, possibly using clean agents. Clean agents can suppress fires without leaving any chemical residue on the surrounding area. Ideal for any area that contains significant valuables or technology, such as servers.

Benefits of Using a Fire Protection System with a Home Security Device

The benefits of using a fire protection system begin with the most obvious, the protection of the structure or building the system is installed in. From the most modest home to the largest estates and office complexes, fire can devastate them all equally, so they can all benefit from the prevention of potential fire scenarios.

Another benefit that is just as important to private residences as to large company buildings, is the potential savings in insurance premiums. When you take a more focused effort to keep your property safe from certain hazards, it doesn’t cost nearly as much to insure them. This could mean a difference of a few hundred dollars per year for homeowners, and tens of thousands or more for commercial buildings. In both cases, there is the potential for significant savings.

The last benefit is the most valuable one. A fire protection system can help keep the people in the buildings safe. While you sleep, or while you’re at work, your fire protection system constantly monitors your home for the signs of a potential fire. This advanced notice can save lives. In a business environment, the warning gives ample time for those inside to get outside safely, another opportunity to save lives.

Home Security Companies That Pair Well with a Fire Protection System

If you are thinking about reevaluating or upgrading the air quality components of your fire protection system, you may be thinking about doing it yourself since you can get the components relatively easily. You will also need to integrate it with your existing security system or home automation system. While most people can install the equipment, there are details that can be missed if not attended to by a professional.

By leveraging one of the leading security companies in the greater DFW area, you can be assured that the sensors in your system will alert at the first sign of air quality changes. Their monitoring services can help you and your family stay safe, and your property secure.

As just mentioned, in order to ensure your home is well protected, it is important that you use a professional to install your security and fire protection system. Furthermore, using an industry-leading security expert will guarantee that your home is optimally protected  at all times of day. 
Reach out to a premier security company that can safeguard your home the way you always wanted today. You deserve the peace-of-mind a well secure and protected home can give you.

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