Home Security Mistakes: Why A Fake Camera Won’t Protect Your Home

Everyone wants to feel safer and more secure in their homes. As such, many people will find as many ways as possible to give their home the sense security they are looking for. While this is a good thing, oftentimes people go about securing their homes in ways that can actually do them more harm than good. One of the ways that can prove to be less than beneficial to the security of a home is through the installation of a fake security camera. While the theory that a fake camera can deter burglars seems sound, unfortunately, it is not. Therefore, in order to spare the headache, it is imperative that one knows why fake security cameras don’t work and what the better options are when it comes to securing one’s home. Only through installing a device that works for one’s greatest good will a greater sense of security and peace of mind be experienced.

Why a Fake Security Camera Doesn’t Work

Installing a fake security camera may seem like the appropriate thing to do if one is trying to avoid paying monthly payments to a security camera company while still giving an intruder the illusion that their home is being monitored. However, what one may not realize is that installing a fake camera can not only do more harm than good, it also can end up costing the homeowner more money in the long-run. In fact, fake cameras may initially come packaged at what seems like a low cost to the consumer, however, it oftentimes costs more than what some industry-leading, professional security companies have to offer. As such, it makes little sense that someone would end up paying more for something that provides no real protection than to just buy the real thing. Furthermore, it is important to remember that fake cameras are, indeed, fake. Of course this makes sense, yet, it is vital that one understand what the fundamental implications of installing a fake camera are before choosing this route over a safer, more cost effective one. Some reasons why installing a fake camera can be more detrimental to the safety of one’s home than good include:

  • Fake cameras do not record an intrusion:  If someone invades your home while you are away, you will have no way of providing evidence to law enforcement officials who can help locate the criminals to stop further crime. 
  • Fake cameras can typically be easily spotted: Oftentimes a burglar well-versed in security cameras can easily spot when a camera is fake or real. As such, a fake camera offers little to no real protection against a break-in from occurring.
  • Fake security cameras create a false sense of security: Whether a fake security camera is installed in a home or in a business, they can give off an illusion that an employee or resident is being safely monitored and protected. Not only is this unfair to the people being “monitored”, it also raises concerns for a potential lawsuit to incur. This is particularly true if the person victimized by a crime felt that they had a sense of security from the camera, which they did not know was fake. 
  • Fake security cameras offer no real sense of peace: One of the benefits of having a real security camera installed in your home or business is that it offers peace of mind that you, your home, and your belongings are being well protected and monitored. Fake security cameras, on the other hand, cannot offer this sense of peace as they offer no real protection. 
  • Fake security cameras can cost more than professionally installed security cameras: This may come as a shocker but fake security cameras can cost more than having a real, professionally installed security camera in your home. In fact, there are some businesses that offer top-of-the-line security for a fraction of the cost of a fake camera. Furthermore, opting out of a real security camera increases the chances of a successful burglary taking place, in which the repercussions of such an action can be costly. 

What To Do Instead of Installing a Fake Security Camera 

Ok, so now you know that a fake security camera isn’t all it’s cracked up to be but where do you go from here? While fake security cameras do not offer the level of protection you may be looking for, real security cameras do. Security cameras that can record what is going on in and around your home can provide a better sense of defense against intrusion than any other measure of safety can offer. As such, investing in a real security camera can prove to be one of the best investments to your sense of well-being than anything else.

The good news is that installing an industry-leading device in your home does not have to be costly. In fact, there are security companies out there that will do the monitoring for you and alert you and emergency personnel if there is a potential intrusion in your home with little to no financial strain on your budget. Furthermore, installing a home security device can save you money on your home insurance premium, as insurance companies often give discounts to customers who take proactive measures to better secure their homes. 

Skip the Fake Camera: Best Security Companies With Professional Installation

As understood by now, installing a real security camera is your best line of defense against a possible unwelcome intrusion. However, how do you know which security camera companies offer the best protection without breaking the bank? Here are some tips on how to find the best company to help secure your home:

  1. Don’t get roped into “free alarm” scams: Yes, these are all scams. What customers don’t realize when they sign up for a “free alarm” is that they will be paying for the “free alarm” in their higher monthly payments, and more. These companies sell you by offering you a free device, that isn’t really free, and then keep you paying on these higher monthly payments with a contract agreement. This means that even after you end up paying off your free device, you will be stuck with a higher payment for the duration of your contract. Save your time and money by avoiding these scams!
  2. Find a company that offers an encrypted network: Encryption is the difference between a network that can be easily hacked and one that cannot. An unencrypted network can be easily hacked, thus a break-in or an intrusion on privacy is likely to occur. An encrypted network connection, on the other hand, ensures that your WiFi and security device work together to prevent a professional hacker from breaking into your home. Always, always, always go with a company that can provide military-grade encryption security. 
  3. Go with a company that monitors your home locally: Did you know that most companies install your camera and then move your account over to a third party company that then handles your future questions? This third party call center not only handles your account but also handles hundreds of other accounts from different security companies. This provides you with a lack of personalized care and service, which is most likely something you were trying to avoid when getting a security device installed in your home. Therefore, go with a company that can monitor your home 24/7 through their own company devices. This will provide you with the sense of security and peace of mind you were looking for when proactively safeguarding your home. 

While finding the best security company that not only offers industry-leading security but is also extremely affordable may seem hard to do, it really isn’t. Fortunately there is one security company that checks all the boxes and more. Reach out to a friendly representative and see what a difference having a top-of-the-line security device professionally installed can have on your peace of mind and well-being today.

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