The Difference Between Robbery and Theft & How to Keep Your Home Safe

Oftentimes when you see a news report where a home or business property is broken into and money and/or valuables are taken, you see words like “robbery” and “theft” used interchangeably. However, it is key to note that each of these words have very clear and distinct meanings that differentiate what crime was perpetuated and how it was committed. More importantly than understanding these differences, though, you will want to know how to prevent and protect yourself, your home, or your business before one of these devastating crimes is committed in your life.  

The Difference Between Robbery and Theft

As previously mentioned, there are distinct characteristics that differentiate between the execution of a robbery or theft. The main difference between each of these terms is the way the crime is being carried out. With a robbery, there is a forceful action being taken, in which case a weapon or another forceful measure is used or even the threat of using force or a weapon is vocalized against the victim. Theft, on the other hand, does not use force or weapons against the victim in order to carry out their crime. A classic example of this is someone entering a business and taking valuables when no one is around, or when no one is aware of belongings being taken. 

To further clarify these differences, by definition: “A person is guilty of theft if he dishonestly appropriates property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it.” Examples of this can include the previous example of someone stealing from a shop when the owner is not looking or an employee stealing from their place of work. This can even include a guest that steals from a house while they are visiting (houses that are open to the public when put up for sale are especially susceptible to this type of crime). This definition is starkly different from the way a robbery is approached. By definition: “A person is guilty of robbery if he steals, and immediately before or at the time of doing so, and in order to do so, uses force on any person or seeks to put that person in subject of force.” In simplest terms, robbery almost always requires there be the presence of a victim who is threatened with bodily harm. In this way, robbery can, in fact, be more dangerous and harmful than theft in that the perpetrator doesn’t just try to steal property, he also threatens the life of another to do so. 

How to Keep Your Home Safe from Robbery and Theft 

Whether it be through the act of robbery or theft, the damage each crime can do to an individual’s well-being can be devastating. The psychological damage, especially in the case where an armed robbery may be used against the victim, can cause destructive lasting effects that carry on way past the act of the crime. Therefore, in order to best protect yourself from having such a crime committed against you or your belongings, it is vital that you learn how to keep your home, your valuables, or your business safe. Some of the top ways to do that include

  • Securing your perimeter: While most intruders prefer unlocked doors or windows as a means of entering a home/business, there are many other ways that a burglar can enter a home. This means that even if you lock all your doors and windows, many intruders can still figure out how to silently pry open these entry points. Therefore, ensure that your locks are well secure and make it difficult to maneuver around. Furthermore, while many movies depict burglars breaking glass to enter homes, the truth is that very few, and only very determined burglars, try this technique. Keeping your locks well secure is one of the best ways to ensure no one tries entering your home. 
  • Calling your local police department: Many police departments will provide free advice and send someone out to your home to help you determine what security measures will best protect your home and belongings. 
  • Installing motion detection lights: Either keeping your outside lights on all night or installing motion detection lights can easily deter a burglar from entering your home. 
  • Keeping valuables out of sight: This means you should never leave car keys, house keys, cash, paper files or expensive jewelry laying around, especially if these valuables can be spotted from outside the house. Walk around your home and look in each window or door to see if you spot anything that may raise the interest of an unwelcome visitor. 
  • Making sure your landscaping is well-groomed: Although your landscaping doesn’t need to be perfect, make sure that there are no overgrown bushes or trees that can easily hide a burglar near or around your home. These features are especially attractive to an intruder that wants to remain unseen while surveying their options for entry. 
  • Installing a home security system: One of the best, and most proven ways, of deterring an unlawful intruder is to install a home security system that can alert you and emergency personnel when motion is detected from inside your home or when someone is trying to break-in. The noise emitted from this type of device can scare off a burglar immediately. Furthermore, just having a sign out front that states you have a home security system installed can detract an intruder from wanting to take the risk of entering your home. 

How Home Security Can Make all the Difference When It Comes to Robbery and Theft 

No extra security measure is insignificant when it comes to protecting your home and valuables from robbery or theft. However, while all of the above security features are helpful in keeping your home safe, installing a home security system is by far the most vital of all the security measures. In fact, a majority of all home break-ins occur when a home security system is not installed in a home. Therefore, in order to best protect your belongings, you need a device that can deter intruders from entering your premises. 
While there are many home security systems out in the market today, there is only one that has the industry-leading security backed by decades of experience and a loyal customer base that can provide the safety and peace you are looking for. Call today and speak to a friendly representative that can answer any questions you may have and get a professional technician out in your home in no time to install a high-grade security system in your home.

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