How Automation Technology Can Help Keep You Safe

Automation technology is letting a central processing unit make decisions about your security system based on data it receives while you are away. It can also be used to grant you access to your entire home automation and security system remotely. With the revolution of the “internet of things” and personal digital assistants, there is almost no end to the amount or type of things that you can automate.

Automation technology has now been applied to so many different items and aspects of daily life that once you incorporate them into your home, it is often hard to imagine how you kept track of your safety and security before this recent technological advent. There are ways to automate your home climate control, landscape watering, pet feeding and interaction, lights, locks, power outlets, appliances, and even windows and home theater equipment. All of these can be powered up and connected to your home wifi network, and then can become remotely controllable. 

The benefits of automation to home security are incalculable. Not only are you able to secure your property remotely, but you can also ensure that your pets are properly taken care of. You can get notifications from your doorbell, door lock, and interior cameras when your pet sitter or house sitter comes by, and you can watch the live footage of them in your home. Some smart camera systems are even able to follow people from room to room, giving you a live feed of anyone in your home, whether permitted or otherwise. 

Benefits of Using Automation Technology

There are countless security benefits to using automation technology. During times when you are away from home, you can program lights to turn on and off on a schedule, or you can use your personal digital assistant like Google Assistant or Alexa to turn them on at more random times rather than a set schedule so that potential burglars cannot learn the schedule.

With many digital video recording systems that incorporate automation technology, they can be set to notify you if they detect movement on the property, in the home, or even in just a specific room or area. This can eliminate false alerts from pets, children, or even service people. While many people would have to take off work to meet a service technician at their home, for an appliance repair for example, when automation technology would change that. 

You would receive an alert from your smart doorbell that someone was approaching the door. You then verify who it is with the two-way communication function on many popular models. Once confirmed that they are the guest, you ask Google to unlock the door for them, and they are able to go in and take care of the needed service without the need for you to be there. Your smart cameras allow you to keep an eye on the whole repair, while you use your smart dog feeder and laser toy to keep the pooch occupied and out of the way until they’re finished. You ask Google to check the appliance to verify that the issue is resolved, and the door locks for them on the way out.

When your guest is not expected, nor wanted, the scenario may play out a little differently. You are away from home for a little vacation, but you get a notification of a visitor so you check the footage from your smart doorbell and see someone looking in your front windows, then walking around the side of your home. You begin to get other notifications as motion sensors are tripped, and your back door opens. You now open up the app for your smart cameras and see that there is an intruder in your home. You notify the authorities and the offender is apprehended before they have a chance to do too much damage, and the footage your automation technology captured clearly shows their face and actions, so they are easily convicted.

Of course, not every need for automation technology is so nefarious. Sometimes it’s a burst pipe while you’re at work. The water sensor in your basement tripped, notifying you and allowing you a chance to turn off the water quickly. There was a fire, and the smoke detectors notified you while you were at the grocery store, while also summoning the fire department automatically, since seconds count. 

There are a million ways that automation technology can help you, but leveraging it for the safety and security of your home can save you lots of money. Of course, it can keep criminals from breaking in and stealing from you, and it can help summon emergency services to save your home if needed, but all of this boils down to something many people forget: home insurance premiums. A state-of-the-art security system can drop your premiums by incredible amounts.

Best Automation Technology Companies

Utilizing automation technology for security can be challenging, not to mention complex. You will first need to design your system so that you know exactly what you need. Then you will need to source all of the components, and subsequently install and calibrate them. Once that’s all out of the way comes the fun part, configuring it all to work in harmony with your network. This can be one of the biggest challenges, particularly if you need to do advanced configuration on your internet router, such as port forwarding, whitelisting, or setting up a DMZ for your remote automation communication.

If it sounds like a bit much, that’s because for many people it certainly can be. Not only are there a lot of variables to consider, but a miscalculation could lead to a gap in coverage, meaning a prime entry for criminals. On the other hand, by working with one of the leading security companies in the DFW area to get your system designed, installed, and completely set up for you. That way, you can simply enjoy the feeling of security.

Using automation technology to better protect your home can be a game changer to the security of your home. Reach out today if you want an industry-leading security expert to create a safe home that also helps automate, and, as such, simplify your life right now. 

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