How Installing Alarm Sensors Around Your Home Can Prevent a Break-In

As property and home invasions are on the rise, motion detectors and alarm sensors have become a common security measure installed in many homes around the U.S. This is for good reason. Alarm sensors have not only helped to keep homes safe but they have also provided families with an increased peace of mind that their home, family, and belongings are well protected and secure. 

While many people are opting to go the alarm sensor route, there are still a lot of people that are skeptical that they really work. As such, it is important to understand how alarm sensors work and how, when paired with a high-tech home security system, can provide great benefits and protection from potential break-ins. 

How Does an Alarm Sensor Work?

While many people understand that alarm sensors can help deter criminals from entering their home, most people don’t understand just how these sensors work. In fact, many people may not realize that motion sensors are much like the motion detectors that open doors in grocery stores and turn on the sinks without touch in airports. So, how do these alarm sensors really work? 

To answer this question, it is first important to understand that there are two basic types of motion detecting systems that have different functions for motion detection. These two types of sensors are called active sensors and passive sensors. 

Active Alarm Sensors

Active sensors, also called radar-based motion detectors, send out ultrasonic sound waves to detect motion. To make more sense of this, active motion sensors utilize the same waves that a pregnancy ultrasound uses. These types of waves continuously send out ultrasonic sound waves and that reflect back to the sensor until it’s interrupted by any sort of interference (this could come from a person walking by the sensor, etc.). This will then trigger the sensor, causing it to open a garage door or sound an alarm, for example. 

Passive Alarm Sensors

On the other hand, passive motion sensors include two popular types of sensors, which are mostly found in residential home settings. These are passive infrared motion detectors (PIR) and photo sensor motion detection. Passive infrared motion detectors work by detecting emitted infrared energy, which is the same type of heat emitted by humans and animals. When this type of alarm sensor detects a sudden increase of this heat, or infrared energy, an alarm is triggered. Fortunately, however, this alarm does not go off for any small fluctuations of energy, or else it would go off every sunrise and sunset, as those, too, can change the household temperature slightly. 

In comparison, the photo sensor motion detection typically uses laser beams to detect any movement. Whenever something/someone crosses this beam, a sensor will be set off and as a result, an alarm will sound. These are not commonly found in household settings but are sometimes utilized in business environments. 

How Installing Alarm Sensors in Your Home Can Prevent a Break-In

Even if you have no interest in understanding the underworkings and different types of sensors on the market today, it is important to know how installing one can best protect your home from any potential break-ins. Some of the benefits of installing an alarm sensor in your home include:

  • Keeping criminals away: Probably the most obvious benefit that installing an alarm sensor in your home can provide. Installing this type of extra protection, in addition to your home security system, can greatly reduce your risk of an unwelcome visitor trying to invade your private space. 
  • Keeping your loved ones safe: Yes, alarm sensors are great for keeping the unwanted visitors out of your house, but have you thought about how window/door sensors can protect your loved ones from staying inside? If you have any little ones roaming around the house, you may notice that they have an increased interest in going outside. Having motion detectors placed around exit points in your home can alert you if your loved one is trying to leave the house without you. 
  • Peace of mind: As mentioned previously, doubling up on your security measures can only provide you more peace of mind and serenity that everything and everyone is being well protected. 

Alarm sensors can be placed in many areas of a home but most commonly are utilized on doors and windows as an extra security measure. Because this is the most common spot of entry for intruders, further securing it can provide the extra peace of mind that you may be looking for. 

Best Companies to Install Alarm Sensors in Your Home 

When deciding to install alarm sensors in your home, it is important that you find a company that can professionally install the sensors for you. Installing motion detectors around your home yourself can provide great discomfort if any sensors are unknowingly installed incorrectly, giving you a false sense of security. Furthermore, you will want to go with a company that has a great reputation and has been installing home security systems for a long duration of time. One way to know this is to look at their ratings online and see what their customers are saying about their service and products. An additional thing to be on the lookout for is how the company is packaging and selling their products. Do you have to sign up for a contract with their home security system device? Run away from those companies fast. If they need you to sign a contract then they most likely have little confidence that you would stay with them otherwise. Also, are they trying to scam you with a “free device”? What most people don’t realize is that you actually have to pay for the device in hidden monthly payments and then some

If you are looking for an industry leading company that can take care of all your home security needs and professionally install a home security system with extra alarm sensors, then look no further. Call today and have the extra security features that will bring you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for installed in your home in no time at all. Your family and serenity will thank you for taking the extra precautions you take in order to ensure you, your loved ones, and your valuables are being well looked after and protected.

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