What does UL Certification mean to you?

There are several thousand alarm monitoring companies in America, but only about 150 are actually UL Certified and Listed, and we’re proud to say we are included in this very small elite group! Underwriters Laboratories is a global testing organization that is subsidized and recognized by the insurance industry and performs an exhaustive evaluation on participating security alarm companies as well as strict ongoing annual inspections. The UL Standards are very difficult and expensive to comply with, demanding complete redundancy on everything, from our industrial Standby Generators and uninterruptable power supplies, to all of our computer servers, telephone lines, even air conditioning systems. Our building structure and construction must also pass a rigorous inspection (underground power and communications, fire proof walls, doors, roof, restricted controlled access) and training and procedures must be evaluated. The UL Listing is entirely voluntary but the iconic UL marking means law enforcement and governmental entities recognize it, so make sure whoever you decide on to protect your family and property‚Ķ.is UL Certified!