Do You Need a Security Camera with No WiFi to Protect Your Home from Being Hacked?

Security cameras are a great tool to help protect your home, until they’re not. Unfortunately, security cameras have recently raised red flags for consumers because certain security companies haven’t taken extra measures to ensure their cameras safeguard against potential attacks. This has resulted in home break-ins or privacy intrusions on people in their homes. Recent news on some of the most popular security cameras being hacked, like Ring Doorbell and SimpliSafe, have put people on edge of whether their WiFi security camera devices cause more harm than good. As such, many people have raised concerns about home security systems and if they should shy away from installing one. All of this concern is for good reason. No one wants to install a home security device with the intention of further protecting their home and then find out that it is, in fact, causing more security breaches and privacy issues than before. One might even wonder, if security devices are vulnerable to attack, what’s the point?

While these concerns are all valid, the important thing to note is that no two security devices are created equal. That means, even if you choose to install a system without WiFi to avoid a possible hack, you will miss out on a lot of other features, like remote monitoring from your phone. The best possible solution is to not negate the benefits that WiFi has to offer and instead to install a system that takes extra measures to protect your internet connection. This will ensure you, your home, and your family are all well protected from possible intrusions.

Why You Don’t Need a Security Camera with No WiFi to Protect Your Home

While intentions to rid yourself from WiFi to avoid a possible threat to your security are good, they are unnecessary. In fact, WiFi in and of itself is not the main culprit behind hackers being able to breach your privacy. The main issue is how the security company is securing your internet connection. This is where most security companies fall short. Selling you a glitzy camera with “bonus” features that connect to your phone while neglecting the security of your WiFi connection is one of the biggest problems facing the security industry today. If your security camera only knows how to look the part but can’t act the part, what’s even the point? 

In order to ensure your security is well protected, therefore, you will need to make sure that your security cameras have an encrypted connection. The reason many popular security systems have been vulnerable to hacking is because the security companies have neglected to ensure their camera systems are connected to a highly secure, encrypted network. With respect to this, security and encryption need to have a network that successfully overcomes any intentional and unintentional inferences with the network. One way to do this is through a term called “Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum” (FHSS). FHSS was derived from military radio technology in order to be secure and reliable under adverse battle conditions. FHSS changes the frequency of a transmitter at much faster intervals than an intruder can pick up on. Through the use of FHSS technology, unauthorized interception of, or eavesdropping on, communication is virtually impossible. Think of FHSS this way: Imagine a car is driving down a multi-lane highway in which it continuously and rapidly changes lanes. If one of the lanes is blocked, the car will easily and effortlessly avoid the disturbance because of the constant shifting between lanes. 

The next thing you will want your security device to have in order to best protect your privacy is a secured wireless communication with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). This high level of encryption was named secure enough to protect information at the top-secret levels by the National Security Agency (NSA). In layman’s terms, think of AES as a locked mailbox without a mail slot. Anyone that wants to read or leave a message will need the key to the mailbox. With that being said, AES-128 (128 bit key) is the most well-proven encryption algorithm that guarantees strong security for a wireless network.

No Need to Install a Security Camera with No WiFi: Find the Best Solution for Your Home 

Although WiFi has gotten a bad reputation lately as being extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks or home privacy breaches, there are many benefits to having this type of connection with your security device. One of the main benefits is the ability to have access to footage either through a built-in device or cloud storage. Through this WiFi access, you can have access to live recordings on your phone that can put your mind at ease when you are away from home and want to ensure your home, pets, or family are safe. The key, like previously mentioned, is to ensure your network connection is highly secure with military-grade encryption standards. It is without these encrypted standards that your wireless connection, and thus, your privacy, are put at stake. Furthermore, wireless security cameras are more flexible and portable than their wired counterparts. Because of this, wireless cameras are easier to mount and have more flexibility on where they can be placed (as long as they can receive internet connection). 

In order to guarantee you, your family, and your home are well secured, you will need to install the industry-leading wireless security cameras in and around your home. These cameras not only employ top level security measures but also have the encryption network to back it up. With military-grade encryption, one can rest assured knowing that the privacy of their home is well protected, preventing any potential home invasions from occurring. 

Although concerns about hacking are valid, remember that only security cameras that don’t put safeguards up against network disturbances are at risk. You don’t need to worry about security cameras that utilize top-level security measures. 
It’s time to invest in the protection and safety of you, your family, and your home. Call today and have a security system that safeguards against invasion installed in your home in no time.

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