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The IQ Remote is a secondary tablet which pairs directly with the IQ Panel 2 device through the built-in router. The seven-inch LCD touchscreen is nearly identical to the IQ Panel device but even thinner – .33 thick! 

The IQ Remote is directly connected to the panel through the WiFi and the built-in router; this connection remains private and secure. The remote mirrors some of the same alerts as the IQ Panel, such as chimes, to indicate that a door or window is open or someone is at the door. 

Like the IQ Panel, the remote has an emergency panic option which is easily accessible from the home screen. This feature can be lifesaving and come in handy if you have been injured and need medical attention or have become trapped in an area of your home due to a fire. You can select the appropriate type of help (i.e., police or fire) and get assistance immediately.

Similar to your IQ Panel 2, the IQ remote is easy to navigate through finger touches, swipes and scrolling. Swipe down to access settings and swipe left to dismiss a page (or go back). Your message center, which is much like the “mail” icon on your smartphone has tutorials, contact information, and messages/alerts/alarms.

Dimensions: 4.25″H x 7.5″W x .33″D

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Recently for our home in downtown Houston! I was referred to Smith Thompson by a friend after expressing frustration with some of the larger brands that lock you into a 3-year contract. We called to inquire about the most cost-effective…

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