$16.95 & No Contract!

Have a system already, and just need monitoring? Let us take over what you already have!

One time cost of $89, Just $16.95 a month for WIRELESS monitoring, No Contract.


Does your system look like one of these?

Peace of Mind. Anytime. Anywhere.

$6.99 Additional Per Month for Optional Smartphone Control

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Flex iPhone Photo

no extra monthly cost No Extra Monthly Cost

Unlike other companies, we do not increase your monitoring rate when you upgrade to cellular monitoring. You pay no additional monthly fees or air time charges, it’s still just $16.95 a month. The only cost to you is the device itself, a one time cost of $89 for new accounts, which includes installation and testing. There are no hidden charges.

save money Save Money

Go ahead, drop the land line and start saving money. Once you convert to cellular monitoring, your alarm system no longer needs a phone line to communicate with our monitoring center. Families save hundreds a year by going completely wireless with cellular monitoring.

ultimate security Ultimate Security

If your phone line goes down, gets cut, or your power goes out, with our transmitter you are still covered. Our transmitters offer ultimate security with digital encryption, and dual band GSM capability. Unlike your cell phone, our transmitters have access to all major networks like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and other carriers. We always test and check coverage at your home.

voip and digital phones Voip and Digital Phones

Some alarm companies will monitor your alarm system through internet based phone services like U-Verse, Fios, Vonage, or Time Warner. Through extensive testing we have discovered reliability issues when those types of services are connected to an alarm system. We solve this issue by bypassing them all together with cellular monitoring. Whether your phone goes down, your phone gets cut, or you have no phone line at all, you are covered when you use our transmitter.

noncompatible systems Non-Compatible Systems

If your alarm system is not compatible with us, making your system compatible is normally very easy to do. One of our licensed technicians will update the keypad and computer board, and then reconnect the wiring and contacts that are already in your doors and windows. The replacement cost is minimal, and this conversion normally takes about an hour. In some rare cases we have to start with a new installation if there is no wiring for us to re-use. It only takes our sales staff a few minutes to pinpoint the conversion cost over the phone.

systems needing repair Systems Needing Repair

Some systems only need minor repair whereas others need more attention, therefore we treat each system on a case-by-case basis. Minor problems such as needing a system reset or reprogramming are done free of charge. Replacement costs on actual hardware (if needed) is very competitively priced. Our licensed technicians are able to diagnose and solve most problems with minimal cost to you. Any initial costs to you will be offset by our low monthly cost of $16.95.